Sunday, April 5, 2020

Monday Making

I scrambled to make the Baby Giraffes to be was sure I had enough of those brights.  Actually this went together really fast and I changed up the setting with the strip top and bottom and made the outer border 3.5" wide rather than the 2.5" just to upsize it a bit.  Now it's ready to be quilted.

Then I used those brights left to make the final border on the Sneakers.  I had just three pieces that were close to a FQ size and the rest of the scraps I cut down into my barrel system.  I have enough of the aqua left for the binding.  I think I have these fabrics out of my stitching system now.  And this is my April OMG project - done ahead of time!

Still progressing on the Corona Quilt with four rows of houses and the fifth row needs just two more houses.  I'll have to start thinking on what to do next as there are just 2 mini charms left as I used some of the light ones for the roof background settings.  

Today I want to dedicate to finishing the last clean-up project.  I did these Kaffe strips up after using some in the two Kitty quilts.

I helped a sewing student with this pattern long ago and it was a U-tube which I can't find now.  It's called the Jelly Roll Tube quilt, but there are a LOT of those out there.  You simply add a 22" strip of white ends to the ends of each JR strip, so you have a tube.  Then cut the white where ever you like and vary your cuts with each tube.

Then it is just chaining thru the machine one after another - twosies, foursies, etc.... until I have a complete top.  I'm not stressing what is going where as these Kaffe strips are so different and it will all work out.  Simple sewing today as it suppose to be lovely weather and I would like to take a long walk. 

Stay Safe and Healthy,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Love all your projects. Those sneakers are too darned cute

  2. Those giraffes are adorable;))
    ~ ~ ~ waves from julierose ;)))

  3. I think the giraffes are just so cute and would be great as a baby quilt. Hope all of you and yours are safe and well. Hugs, Susie xx

  4. It’s all just too cute. I love all three.

  5. Fun sewing, and a walk in the sunshine sounds lovely.

  6. Sweet giraffes, and good for you for finishing your April OMG so quickly!
    Glad you're keeping safe and busy. Sew on!

  7. Cute, cute, cute!!! I sewed one seam yesterday😂😂😂

  8. The giraffes are real cuties and I love the sneakers as well. The bright colours of both quilts are just what we need right now to cheer us up Stay safe.

  9. Your giraffes are so cute!!
    Your Kaffe quilt sounds interesting, I believe I have seen the same video. Looking forward to more progress on that one.

  10. I love the giraffes and sneakers quilts... real sweeties...
    Stay safe...xox

  11. What fun projects you've had under your needle!

  12. I have made two quilts in the 8" of Hidden in Plain Sight design in king and queen quilts. Both turned out beautiful. The recipients loved them. The pattern is from Country Threads in their book, Beyond the Battlefield.