Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

I had used this as a cue that it was indeed time to take a rest, thus my step away from all social media.  I was curbing TV, but every media source was just resounding that I had to do a total step away.  The last two lines were my mantra.

I had several quilts pulled for quilting - I did two and was not upset with that.  I spent time outside, time with my Mom, time with my furkids, a little purging and cleaning.  BUT it was all slow - not over filling and kept to simple. 

I have even switched out my machine.  My Juki 500 series has been in need of repair since before Christmas and now my Juki 600  series (work horse) is really in need of some tender love.  So I am going to step back and slow down.  This little machine cannot be rushed, but has a lovely stitch and perfect 1/4" foot.  It will take me back to what I really enjoy - just fun scrap block making for a while.  (I actually have four other machines and a long arm - but I need to slow down right now)

I had been searching thru stash for backing for the Kaffe strip quilt and came across a bag of HSTs.  I don't remember this bag being there before and even looking thru these I don't remember making them.  BUT they are all my fabrics and the thread is what I use for piecing and the stitch is definitely my Juki 500.  Magic or gremlins???

Barb @ 3CatRanch has been playing with found HSTs and I am in love.  This was a good smack up the head - time to play with these and let the other things go for a while.

When I work scraps I like to use a block that is easy to quilt math, works up quickly (or with little thought), and will use them up to their fullest.  Some of the HSTs are two colors, but at least 90% have these two light grays so I will use these primarily and make something else with the two colors later.  I have four 1 yard cuts of w/w that I'll use for the skinny sashing and the tiny corner stone is the 'never go away' solid gray scraps.  

I will slowly read and catch up on all the blogs I follow while I take my time to work thru these pretty little blocks.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Cute blocks, you've made a good start. It's good to take time to relax and enjoy the stitching. Have fun!

  2. me, too. My quilt shop is closed to prevent virus - so the city says. So I'm home catching up on the 17 client quilts I had when this started. I've gotten 10 done. But I'm like you- I needed this "rest"so I'm working "slowly".Trying to squeeze in something I want to work on between the stuff I have to do. Stay well!

  3. Love your little sign...put your worries up in a big jar high on a shelf in your mind's closet and close the door...just for a while...and rest.....that's what I am trying to do...not easy to turn off my monkey mind hopping around knee deep in worry...
    I like those little HST blocks you've put together...hang in there
    Stay safe Julierose

  4. Cute blocks. One of the sets of HST’s I have are all green and black, except for a few red and black ones. I could do this block! Haven’t been sure what to do with them, but now you’ve given me some inspiration. I’ve stepped away from the news too. Stopped listening to Trump shortly into his presidency...what’s the point? Now I’m barely listening to anything. Too much bad news is bad for one’s mental health...and it’s all bad news right now.

  5. I wish I could stop reading so much news (or rather opinion), but it's like driving by a car wreck. It's hard to look away. I am trying to work on sample blocks for things I've seen on the blogs. And I do have a baby quilt that needs a backing and quilting done. If the temps would warm up another 15 degrees I could get some yard work done and open the windows to refresh the air. It's nice to have virtual friends to commiserate with.

  6. Yes, none of us are going anywhere any time soon. Relax.

  7. Thank you ... that pretty much covers everything. I sit here at the computer and look at all the things around me that are waiting but I just can't face it atm. I needed that reminder that I don't have to ... I'm doing what I need to do ... sit back, try to relax and let the universe revolve around me. By taking care of me. I'm doing what I'm supposed to do to help all the others at the same time. Thank you.

  8. I agree wholeheartedly and tell myself... just EnJoY the process instead of looking at the end result. Sometimes it works... :)
    But I'm coping with this physical distancing as much as one can but loathe hearing about the rising death toll. SO sad...

  9. Enjoy your rest and mindless sewing.

  10. It's surprising what you find, when we go digging....

  11. The news is best taken in small doses, in the mornings so it doesn't keep you up at night. Enjoy your HST project, you've got a great start on it.

  12. I love that poem... made me fall down a rabbit hole learning about the author!
    I only read news on line for 5-10 minutes a day. I just cannot process the visual images, so am protecting myself from that torture.