Friday, December 9, 2016

Feline Friday with a Whoop - 12/9/16

It is bitter cold and the last few days we have had an occassional snow  flurry/squall pass thru - not the 12" reported thank you.  But, I guess there is more on the way.  We are happy to be stocked up and ready to just stay indoors.  I did venture out on the porch for a photo of one of the flurries (didn't really show up) while I booted two furkids out for a potty time and some fresh air - with a growl.

Moe went back to his current favorite napping spot.

And Bella decided to hold  a grudge - so laid where I was working to enable a bite or claw at me.

Progress on the paper piecing  even with Bella in the way.  There are two more blocks on the table.  I've decided to just go with the first 3 blocks in the first and second row, put them in a window pane setting - then it will wait for borders and embellishing for another time.

And yes, that is the BEAR quilt in the corner - DONE - even the label on it.  That has now gone into a bag for our Quilt Guild meeting for show and tell and then I will have a photo to share.  After that, it get's boxed and wrapped for Christmas - yup, she (daughter) has to wait to get it.

I am ready to finish off the last Adinkra block and then this project will go on the January 'finish' list.

Then I will get to this tub of my repro fabrics to work the November 'Westering Women' block.  After that is done, I need to browse my fabric shelves to see what I can find for the sashing - maybe even get it cut should luck find something.

I want to have this all wrapped up today so I can spend the cold, snowy weekend with catching up on the hand work projects.

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  1. Cute houses. You have a lot going on.

    I'll look forward to seeing your hand work on Slow Sunday Stitching.

  2. Was the flurry photo taken today? I guess I expected to see snow on the ground. While gently kicking the cats out, what the growl from you or them?! I had to drag Z back in the house this morning - it's only 20F but he wanted out.

  3. PS - I replied to your comment on my blog post but it acts like it bounced. Did you get it?

  4. I still haven't done November's Westering Women block yet either. Maybe tomorrow. I am SO COLD these days! As much as I love to make warm things, I really don't enjoy the time of year that requires warm things.

  5. Love the houses! We haven't had cold-cold weather yet but it's moving that way.

  6. You are just so being motivated by you. The house look great. And I would dive into the bag of fabric in a heart beat:)

  7. my cats are lazy too sleeping in the most unusual places. like the fur bear I made LOL love seeing your projects. your daughter will love that bear quilt.

  8. I'm sure Bella was just playing with you, not holding a grudge, although I'd be biting and scratching if someone booted me out into the cold. I'm fascinated with where you live, are those neighbor's houses in that picture? I'm loving your PP houses, especially the one on the right. They'd be cute done as seasons.

  9. Smitty likes to set himself up for a bite or a claw when he gets bored too. Usually, I can ply him away with catnip. He doesn't like the slushy white stuff outside at all.

  10. Kitties look happy to be back inside. Sure love the view from your porch.

  11. Your house blocks turned out so pretty. Sorry the kitties aren't happy with the cold, you'd think with fur coats it wouldn't bother them so badly.