Friday, February 12, 2016

Bits of Play Time

I finished up the last four blocks of the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle QAL.  I hope to have these into an 'almost' flimsy by the end of the month.  I know how I want to set them and then because I had gotten two layer cakes for this and only used one for the blocks - I think I need to make a piano key boarder to use them up.  Or maybe I'll get yardage of one of the paisley prints for the border and save that other layer cake.

I spent some time away again with my daughter and the grands and it takes me some time to adjust back into a schedule.  Interpret that into I need to recover and rest.  I haven't worked on my Wild & Goosey blocks in a bit, so these are something I don't have to think to hard on.

While the bits and pieces were out on the table, I thought I better get the tree block done for Quilt Doodle Designs QAL.  I assembled mine differently from Cindy's as I was using up strips and it just worked out this way.  I'm just making one block of each (I think) as I am just making a wallhanging instead of the full quilt.

Since the mess is still on the table and I need to lighten that barrel of 1.5" squares, I will play with some little blocks for RSC16.  One more day of play with bits should get me back in the groove for something bigger.

ALSO - so excited - my Heritage Stars quilt is over on THE Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts web site!  I really need to get this one quilted!!

Stop and enjoy a day of play,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. love your brown blocks for your Moda shuffle. my vote is paisley LOL not that you need my opinion. he hee
    your wild goosey is nice too. I too am trying to find time to do the quilt doodle quiltalong. love that quilt. can someone make more hours in a day for me???? LOL
    and oh, 1.5 inch squares. you ARE brave! ha ha I am making my 365 also a RSC16 quilt with the backgrounds. have enjoyed that one so much so far....

  2. Wonderful projects! I especial love those flying geese blocks. Your Heritage quilt is gorgeous! i did see it on Barbara's site and wondered if it was yours! I have started my Stars in a Time Warp, a year late, and hope to put them in a setting like you did. What an inspiration for me!

  3. You're making those browns beautiful, I say save the layer cake although piano keys are always pretty. Congrats on being included on the Civil Wars Quilts site, your's really shines.

  4. Hi Sharon,wow what wonderful blocks,well done my friend xx

  5. Your Civil War quilt looks grand!!!! Exciting to have it shown there.
    Wow...your brown blocks caught my eye....they look fabulous.

  6. I saw your quilt on Barbara's site and whooped! It was a lovely showcase for sawtooth stars!
    Wild and Goosey is on my to-do list (the someday version) - your blocks look great.
    I was going to say go for the paisley and save the layer cake, but I'm a fabric hoarder so you shouldn't listen to me...

  7. all 3 of these projects look exciting and I am sure those little scraps will some be something wonderful

  8. Your moda shuffle blocks are just great as really those wild and goose blocks , so neat . Have fun with your little squares , I am sure you will create something wonderful .

  9. I was really excited to see your Heritage Stars quilt on Barbara Brackman's blog. It is an outstanding piece of work.

  10. I saw your beautiful quilt on Barbara Brackman's site, congratulations! I'm loving those wild and goosey blocks, I want to do those too.

  11. The Moda sampler blocks turned out beautifully. Your Heritage Stars looks great, how fun that it was featured.