Sunday, February 28, 2021

Monday Making


If you are new here, I find using BETH'S Monday Making a good way to start the 'week' off.  It gives me a base and pick up something in progress or to even start something new.  Be sure to visit the link up and even join in.

I want to move this project into the next step.  All the blocks are made - if you remember these were scraps from my daughter (and some ironically scraps I had originally given her - now smaller).  I plan getting this into a flimsy and push-push-push, get the borders on.  Maybe it will even get quilted this month, if the 'squirrels' stay away.

Sewingly Yours,



  1. Hahaha -- I love your Squirrel in Bird's Clothing! Too funny. Good luck cranking out your scrap quilt! The colors are lovely.

  2. Will be such a pretty cheerful quilt

  3. Love the squirrel and the blocks. The blocks will make a very pretty quilt.

  4. The bright happy colors caught my eye. They really forecast spring to my mind. I hope the squirrels leave you along. (LOVED the squirrel imitating a bird!)

  5. Haha!!! That squirrel!! Don't show that picture to the deer who keep coming and sucking our bird feeders empty.