Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monday Making


The mess from the days before resulted in some new miniature blocks.  Variation of the M'Lady's Fan, Bachelor's Puzzle, Union, Sunflower, Aunt Em's Block, Aunt Sukey's Choice and Sister's Choice.

See, there is a table sitting there!  All my fabric totes back where they belong and  I boxed up the other fabric for pick up.  The black in the back are a few plastic magazine bins and I hope someone takes them.  I'm ready to work again.

Today I need to get the borders (cut/prepped) on the pink quilt and then get this layered and basted for quilting.  This is my January OMG so I best get hopping!

Speaking of Hopping:

CARLA is hosting something a little different in February and I do have my fabrics/design set up in a work basket - waiting it's turn after the pink quilt.

And CAROL just posted for sign ups for the hop in March.  It's been a very cold and wintry January here in the Nor'East, so some sun and surf sounds real good to me,

Sewingly Yours,



Barbara said...

Those hops sound interesting to me. Maybe when we get home, I’ll get involved in some. Your blocks all look great, and wow! What a clean table!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sounds like interesting blog hops. Have fun with them.

kiwikid said...

Wonderful blocks, the beach themed blog hop sounds interesting.