Friday, August 21, 2020

Whooping Friday

The 'new' version of my Mom's quilt in a bag.  Old non-useable fabrics removed, blocks remade, and mathing to be sure enough is left for border treatment.

Our weather has turned to a respectable 70's and I took Mom out for a drive and bit of retail therapy.  We visited The Quilt Zoo which is only about 1/2 hr. away.  Mom picked up a pretty Christmas panel with coordinates and this was my haul.

We went round and round over the selection for adding to the border/binding of this quilt and I finally landed with this smokey green.  "Williamsburg" by Windham Fabrics and at $4 yrd I took what was left on the bolt.

This is the plan and I hope to get it done this weekend - you know me and borders.  And that's FOUR borders!  As I said, the green will also be used for the binding and should pull it all together nicely.

This just is a 'because' purchase.  Because those butterflies and poppies caught my eye and heart.  "Poppy Promenade" by Kanvas.  The textured gray is actually a Moda - "True Luck" - and I may or may not use with this.  I have other grays and some reds that can be mixed with this, but I don't even have a concrete plan for this yet.

This awesome owl panel by Benartex which will be my give away for the Fall Hop in September.  I'll add some other goodies with it.

I don't like to use seasonal fabrics, but this panel caught my eye when I was helping Mom select her goodies.

My Brick House (sort of) and............

our Old Dairy Barn (that's not there any more)!  I have to make something of these for ME.  The other charming panel parts will be used in the Gift Hop in October.

And there was several yards of muslin purchased - backing for a couple of quilts.

We, also, stopped at a local farmer's maket to pick up some items for Mom.  I got some fresh, homemade bread (dried tomato, basil, and garlic) that was to die for!  I had a couple of slices with dinner - I had to slap my hands to keep from eating the whole thing.

It was a good day out!

Sewingly Yours,


  1. SEW good that you will soon be finishing a quilt from those old blocks, Sharon! Looks like some fun purchases. What a fun day!

  2. Fabric therapy is the best, we are relatively safe where we live, but the other day I did get a bonus at the supermarket, a real lifter up of any down feelings that the virus might have let creep in. A bottle of REAL maple syrup, very expensive, but so good. The nearest batik shop is about 40 minutes away, we are allowed to drive, as not in the level 3 area.Love your smokey fabric, and the panels, sometimes we just have to have something new on hand.

  3. The quilt is very pretty. I am glad that you could savage the blocks and get them put together.
    I love your new purchases. It is great that you and your mom can get out to do things together. My husband and I don't go any where since the virus because of health issues.

  4. Love the save of Moms quilt. And the green will look great with it too. Love your panel and cant wait to see what you make

  5. By the sounds of it you had a lovely day out...always made better with family too. Nice purchases...xox

  6. Love what you have done to save the quilt, the border fabrics look wonderful too. Your visit to the quilt shop sounded great, nice to take your Mum for and outing and the fabrics you pick up are wonderful.

  7. Oh wow! What a wonderful day you had spending time with your Mom and shopping.

  8. It sounds like you and your mom had a great day at the quilt shop! I haven’t been to a quilt shop since before the pandemic hit. But your goodies —or your “haul” as you referred to them — is tempting me to hit the shops again!

  9. In-store fabric therapy is always good for the soul, if not the pocketbook. Nice to hear that your Mom is well enough to make a field trip out and about. I've haven't set foot in a fabric store since February. I know I'll find more than one "just because" selection and I don't really need any more fabric. But my fingers are itching to touch some new goods, so a quick trip may be due soon before the return of the virus, which seems inevitable.

  10. That owl panel is so cute! I'd love some of that bread, too.

  11. What a great haul. You had fun! Is that *actually* your barn? That would be an amazing find!

  12. What a pretty re-work of your Mom's quilt in a bag. That's a lot of patience to unsew and rework all those pieces. I love your gray and red stash additions. You have to refresh the stash now and again. Happy stitching this week.