Saturday, August 1, 2020

Fun Stuff to Survive the Heat

I know it is the first of August, but these quilts were finished in July.  It was a brutally hot and humid month for many.  For me to survive the heat (and the Covid lock down), I have mixed some fun and whimsy with my serious stitching.  Chicken Gumbo not only gave me 'cackles', but let me play with my much loved homespuns. 

They aren't really a fabric I recommend for 'hot' work due to their weight, but I have A/C so it didn't matter.  They have such a down home, comfort feeling - and we can use that in these times.

This was Bella's much beloved quilt while in progress, but look who showed up to make a claim while I was trying to take pictures!!  He had fun diving back and forth behind the quilt, rolling around the bottom, and even pulling it right down.

There was much discussion over our quilting buddies and I think this really explains it all.

This is another one of Lorna's @ SewFreshQuilts patterns - Ostrich Stretch.  These just cracked me up with each 'bird' that got stitched up.  It needs a fun, colorful border and then to quilt it up.

So if the heat is getting to you or the troubles of 'now' - try  a little fun or bright color to give you a smile (and keep the sewing mojo going).

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Loving those chickens--so darn cute--what fun...
    hugs from afar, Julierose

  2. What a fun post. Those chickens and ostriches are quite a grouping. It’s been hot here too. Cooling off some now.

  3. Thanks for the "fun"! Both are great quilts.

  4. Oh I love homespuns....and your chicken quilt is just perfect!!! Also thank you for making me smile as I stopped by....cats are funny pets aren't they...and you are probably right!

  5. Yes some fun is good about now. Great quilts. Love that homespun chicken quilt. Mooove over Moe. I wanna claim it too lol

  6. Cats and quilts......
    It is a lovely quilt, looks super cosy.

  7. Both your quilts are wonderful Sharon... love 'em...xox

  8. I'm not a big chicken fan, but Chicken Gumbo in homespun is just SEW adorable and it looks super cozy, too!

  9. Wondering where you found the pattern for "Chicken Gumbo"?
    Very nice!!