Monday, August 24, 2020

The August List Is Empty

I'm happy to say that the August list is completed, but then I am always stumped on what to do as I like to keep to the schedule.  This quilt jumped into the month unexpectantly, but finished.  This is the re-make of my Mom's quilt in a bag.

So glad I bought the whole 'what's left on the bold' of the green as I had enough to use for the back.  This is a much smaller quilt that my Mom likes to make, but I was using what was 'useable' in that bag and not add more to it.

The left overs - cut offs from the backing, about a FQ of muslin, and bits of the two florals.  All of this will get cut down into my barrel scrap system.

The utility quilt was finished off.

The backing was a yardage bag I picked up at a quilt show guild table a couple of years ago.  Just enough with the trim offs either in the string tote or cut down into the barrels.  Glad this one is off the shelf.

The low volumn postage stamp got quilted as well.

I would have liked something more on that light aqua for the back, but with Covid making us use what we have on hand, I used this extra wide chambrey blue.  I have enough of that left to use as a back on a baby quilt.  The binding on this one is the long trims of that gray floral backing from one of last month's quilts.  Yes, using it all up one way or the other.

I have one more quilt that was finished, but will share tomorrow for OMG.  I'm still doing well on getting four quilts completely finished each month for the year.  Next month I think I need to clean up a lot of small projects.  They will help to clear out the batting cut offs and small pieces of backing used up.

We had a horrid 4-hour storm whip thru here.  High winds, lightning that made my nerves peak (along with the furkids), sheets of rain.  I probably will be cleaning up a lot of debri and downed limbs tomorrow.

My prayers are with those who may be in the path(s) of the two hurricanes.  Be safe and well,

Sewingly Yours,


Julierose said...

Really nice finishes--I like that low volume postage stamp quilt--so soft looking..
I hate high winds, too--makes me very edgy...hope you didn't have any damage...hugs Julierose

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Great progress on all your quilts. I hope you don't have any damage from the storm. I have some of that same floral print in your third picture on the lower right! I had it on my bedspread and curtains in the 1970s too!!

MissPat said...

You are really clearing out a lot of quilts. Hope you don't have too many branches to clear out as well. We are in need of rain again. The was a t-storm early about 3 AM this morning, but I haven't ventured out to check the rain gauge yet.

Barbara said...

Great finishes, and I totally love those 4-patch, square-in-a-square, nine patches. Very cute. You’re so good with your scraps. I keep trying to wear mine down, but they keep piling up. Only so many hours in the day, right?

sandi s said...

That are all so pretty! Your mothers quilt turned out wonderful. Hugs,

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Very nice!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

THREE completed quilts and another to share tomorrow? Wow, Sharon, you were SEW productive this month!!!

kiwikid said...

Well done on all your finishes, they are all beautiful. The storm didn't sound too good, I hope there isn't too much clean up for you to do.

Lyndsey said...

They are all beautiful finishes. I need to get onto my scrap collection as it just keeps on growing at the moment. I need the cooler weather to come so I don't want to be outside so much.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Lots of nice finished quilts.

QuiltGranma said...

A bunch of lovelies!