Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Scrappy Wednesday

I'm working on a few of the Shoo Fly blocks as I come across bits while doing a clean out.  The backgrounds are all scraps of Muslin coming out of my Kitty Bag.  Gosh I'd like to empty that thing.  I think after this project is finished, I just might dump what is left.  Time for fresh!

I like to chain them like this.  Attach one side (1.5" x 2.5") to the middle square (2.5") and then chain the triangles for the HST corners.  I like to use a square (2" in this project) cut diagonal once - no drawn lines.  Then I clip the center unit and add the other side.  Leave all chained and pin the other two side units to the group.  Then I can pull those and work when I want on them.

I'm doing a thorough clean out of these shelves and the rolling white drawer units.  My local guild is having a 'Swap & Sell' meeting next month.  I have that 2 year turn around rule and a lot of 'older than two years' stuff that has to go.

The guild is also collecting FQs for selling at our guild table at the Empire Quilt Fest Show in April.  So I am going thru yardage - some to take to the meeting and some to cut down into FQs.  I'll go thru all my FQ totes (those plastic shoe boxes) and pull old FQs as well.

I have plenty of NEW scraps and actual NEW fabric not touched yet.  Even some kitted up projects on the ready.  Lots to play with thru the winter.  I even got a NEW roll of batting to finish up all those quilt tops (and I'm not counting those please).

I have something NEW planned for next year,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Can you do my sewing room next?😁😁😁

  2. No way Billie. I am next lol. After this wedding I am hoping to get out from under. Maybe.....

  3. Sometimes you just have to give away the old scraps, or turn them into dog beds. They do multiply during the night, you know!

  4. Well good luck with your cleaning out and organizing efforts. I’m going to be kitting up some projects to take south. Trying to keep everything small since I’ll be on my smaller sewing machine and with limited space.

  5. I LoVe a good clean out as well... xox

  6. Beautiful little blocks. Sounds like you will be having a big clean out.

  7. A two-year turnaround time? Are you KIDDING?!?! There are things in my studio that have been there for 12 years or more!! (That doesn't mean that I'm willing to part with them.) Best of luck on your purging!

  8. Good luck with the clean up and purge. It's always nice to work in a clean and organized space.