Sunday, October 27, 2019

Monday Making

I made this piece back in June and then forgot where I tucked it.  Treasure found while searching for something else.   You all know how that story goes, right?  Time to get it quilted and bound.

And then I need to get this Amish wallhanging quilted up for a customer.  Yeah, I like a challenge - see how I had to squeek the back and batting.  On a home machine it's not a problem, just takes a little time to line these 'squeekers' up.  But since this lady is almost as old as my Mom and would like to finish up her projects, I will not complain and be happy to help as I can.

Then I should have some time to play with some more Shoo Fly Shoo blocks.  I have a pile of scraps that I've scooped up from here and there while cleaning.  They will work nicely in this project.

If I could get my help to wake up and actually 'help', things might go faster.    No - actually with them napping out of the way is more help.  Moe likes the couch while Bellas hides up in the spare bedroom enjoying the extra plushy blanket just put on the foot of the bed.

Be sure to get some stitches in today,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Nice lot of "jobs" on your to do list...
    Good luck xox

  2. Your to do list has fun projects lined up. I am trying to get a signature quilt cut and ready for a wedding this weekend.ugh

  3. I like your triangle quilt. I have a whole bag full of bonus triangles I want to take south and sew into something. I like what you’ve done. Mine are all different, but I have some ideas.

  4. You always seem to have great projects to work on. Love the triangles quilt. I am going to hunt for some tree blocks I made a stashed somewhere, maybe I will come across another treasure. Happy stitching.

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  6. Fun projects in the works this week. I don't blame Bella for snuggling, it's been cold here this week.