Friday, August 24, 2018

Whoop, Whoop Friday

I am just loving these 30's spools!  A few made and a lot of pieces cut and layered on a few flannel boards.  They are sitting next to the machine to use as a leader/ender project for a while.

I took the time to catch up on the Temecula Quilt Co. Summer Sampler blocks.  I like to wait for a few to come out and then pull those scraps rather than work one block a week.  There is quite a pile of 4.5" blocks sitting there and I am getting anxious to put this one all together.

Although I've played with a lot 'squirrels' here and there, I have tried to stick to my word "FOCUS".  Several flimsies have been put together and in my quest to keep to my mantra of keep things only two years.  Yup, it needs to be used up or passed on within that two years - I am not a keeper.  However, I discovered two quilt kits I bought probably back in 2015 - maybe 2016?  They are both Connecting Threads kits originally from 2014 and I picked up on a clearance sale just for the amount of fabric.  I decided this one I will actually do the quilt as packaged.  A nice mosaic tile block done in two color ways - an old line called 'Neutral Love - ll'.  This will clear almost 10 yards of fabric off the shelf - YEAH!! 


Monday August 20


  1. Love your spools! How big are they? The TQCSS blocks are just so cute! Wish I had done this one!

  2. I love those "spool" blocks too... makes me anxious to start mine.
    Good luck with your mantra...xox

  3. I have a few of those Connecting Threads kits hanging around, too, just waiting to become quilts. Someday!!

  4. Yours is the second blog I’ve read today where someone is working on spools. Must be something in the air!

  5. What a great leader ender project you have organized!
    Wish I only kept things for 2 years... add a zero to that number and that's what I'm sometimes working with!! LOL

  6. The 30's spool blocks are going to make a very fun scrappy quilt. I have some of the Connecting Threads Neutrals, but I think it's version I. Happy stitching on those two projects this week.