Monday, August 6, 2018

Monday Making

I worked all weekend swinging this gal  around on a quilt.  This is my Aunt's "last" quilt and I wanted it to be ready once the family is all settled with travel, vacations, etc ....  

Such a simple pattern, but so attractive.  I'm not a purple person, but this is so pleasing in the lilac tones.  The border fabric is also the backing and binding.  I think she found this on Missiouri Star Quilt Co if you are asking.

The UFO 'trip' is finally a flimsy and if I can find a backing - it goes under the needle for quilting.

The red boxed squares had the rows already to attach into a quilt top.  I think thes needs a stop border and then a scrappy border to bring it up to a larger size.  I do have something in the tub for a back which is a plus.

My Mom brought over two table runners for me to finish off.  They are 18" wide and 56" long.  I'm tempted to shorten them up as I feel they are too long.  Also, being older fabrics I am having a hard time finding something that works in color/print for the backing and binding.  I may have to go with a muslin back and search more for bindings.

My day is cut out for me.  It is to be very hot and humid so a day indoors with the AC works for me.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Purple is lovely in all the shades in your quilt, and the squares, a border will hold them in and add to the size beautifully. They look so neat there. ( not as in tidy, but fabulous).

  2. Your Aunts last quilt is stunning. I'm also really struck by the red quilt. Red is pretty much my favorite color in a quilt.

  3. Love all of these projects especially the trip around the world. A fun quilt.

  4. Love the outdoor photos...just great. Hard to pick a favorite here. Know your aunt will love the finish on the purple. The runners can become door banners at that size, and yeas a muslin back or another solid will probably be a best match.

  5. Wow...look at you go! Lots of finishes on your list.

  6. Wow sk much is getting done at your place, I love the purple star quilt and the round the world, love them all actually!! 😆 hipe the table runners work out ok for to.