Friday, March 30, 2018

Whoop it up Friday

Since I was hunting for fabrics to play with Bow Tie blocks, I processed two more grocery bags of scraps into the fabric food chain.   I know I could have just gone into my barrels for stuff already cut, but I am seriously trying to tackle all those gifted scraps.

I got forty 4.5" Ties made and I know there will be a lot more to come, but this was a good afternoon of play after all the sorting, pressing, and cut-down.  And I did accomplish my block for the month.

The last two poodles were finished and I hope that in April I will have time to put this into a flimsy.  I have a lot of bookings thru April, so my sewing may slow down.

I saw SARAH mention pulling all her HSTs and finding a project to use them up.  I have these all over the place!   I use to be very good at making them finished and trimmed, then put into a container by the size - I dig thru them and use them here and there and then got a little sloppy in keeping them in order.  So I pulled one of the totes and may play with these to finish out the month.  

They are talking about us getting into the 50's this weekend - we shall see.  I am grateful that our snow has had a chance melt off slowly, but now we are into serious MUD season around here.  The woodchuck has come out of hibernation as well as Sir Stinks Alot - skunk.  Even a racoon has been raiding the bird feeders at night, so they are being taken in now.  Maybe Spring has arrived?

I will be taking time off for the Easter Holiday, so blessings to all .
Sewingly Yours,


Debbie said...

The poodles are so cute, but I always love good bow tie blocks! We are heading for 70 degrees today, so enjoy the spring. Have a blessed Easter.

Barbara said...

Can’t get over those poodles. So cute. Heading for home TODAY!!!

Nancy J said...

Easter Greetings, and hopes that the weather plays along as nicely as all your blocks and sewing. The poodles give me a huge smile, they are so gorgeous.

kiwikid said...

Love the poodles and the bow tie is interesting hearing about the animals you have around you. Hope you have a warmer Easter, and not too much mud.

sewyouquilt2 said...

A little warmer here too. I'll take it! Love your poodles and seeing what you are up to. I wanna be you when I grow up lol

Ellie said...

Have lived thru mud season and don't envy you! Glad the snow melted slowly and you avoided flooding. The bow ties are really cute and are the poodles. I'm looking forward to seeing them as flimsies. Happy Easter!

Nann said...

I've just read through your most recent many bloggers, it's hard to keep au courant with everyone! I enjoyed seeing your scrappy projects. I have a box of 2.5" unf HSTs on hand. They come in handy!

Kate said...

You made good use of all those scraps. Love the poodles, I'm looking forward to seeing that one come together.