Saturday, March 24, 2018

Tips, Tutes, and Tasty Things

Today Sarah has us sharing some little bits of 'help' to quilters as we work on our Hands2Help quilts.  Maybe you have a tip or tuturial or tasty things to share.


Develop a good habit of putting away your fabrics after a project.  If you have a 'fabric food' chain, cut those scraps right down into usuable sizes that suit your quilting needs.  AND clear containers - if you see them, you will use them.


I have a few tutorials on my tab, but a quick little project that can be changed up with your own creativity - and scraps - Tissue Cover.


Wow, it's been a long time since I posted a recipe!  And I should compile the ones I have onto a tab.  These are a quick treat or would be fun to have when a bunch of sewing buddies come over - Mini Muffin Pizza

Be sure to check over at Sarah's to see what other's link up.

Sewingly Yours,


Kate said...

Thanks for all three tips. I'm trying to get better at number 1. But as I really, really hate cutting fabric, that never seems to happen. I only cut so I can sew it back together. Have a great week.

Barbara said...

Great tips. I have a friend who is religious about tip #1. I know myself too well. My scraps would just stack up for processing, and never get processed. I’m afraid I’m a die-hard stuffer, but I’m committed to using more of my scraps when we get home.

kiwikid said...

Thanks for the tips, I am not good with scraps either...they are in the one day I will get to them box!! 😆

Sarah said...

It's probably a different recipe but I like to take the mini pizza muffins camping - they travel nice when out hiking. For some reason I never make them for home.

Dar said...

You have 3 good tips for sure. I'm trying to keep #1 in mind when I'm working with my projects.