Monday, November 1, 2010

Sweet November

I was changing the potpourri in the shop - sweet apple and cinnamon and the movie "Sweet November" popped into my head.  Remember Charlize Theron played Sara, the crazy woman, and Keanu Reeves played Nelson, the workaholic.  She gives him 30 days (November) to "change" his life.  Funny, crazy, and the need for the tissue box.

I  have to tame the X-mas scrap tote, so have been playing with seasonal fabric instead of quilting up tops.  A mini tree wallhanging  ( that will probably be my focal over the mantel, the mini santa ( I will mail to my grandson, and the ornaments are for secret santa swaps.

And I pulled another scrap quilt top "North & South" (Life on the Bayou - Susan-Patchkat) and that is next in line for machine quilting

Enjoy your Sweet November,
Sewingly Yours,


Wilma Lee said...

Love the north and south quilt. Can't wait to see it quilted. What kind of quilter do you use?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I machine quilt on my domestic machines - either the Brother 6000 or my old faithful New Home

Kris said...

Sharon - I love everything, especially your Christmas tree!! And with regard to Sweet November, you won't beleive it, but I just ordered the DVD last Saturday!!! Love that movie!!!

Roma said...

sharon, the your north and south top is wonderful. I rally like the plaids.
Also the Pineapple ornaments are so pretty - but such a PITA to do.

Mandy said...

I"m on a quilted ornament kick this year and I love those acorns! Where did you get the pattern or like so many other things... can you just tell me how the heck you did it? lol!!!

I'd love to make a couple as I've covered balls and bells already but no (and I'm assuming this is what you used) oval shaped Styrofoam.


P.S. I just read your entire blog! I love it :) Keep posting!!