Thursday, October 28, 2010

October is Almost Gone!

I did manage to finish the "Broken Crayons" and submitted it in the Project Modern – Challenge 1.

The Spider Web is under the machine - a lot of quilting so need lots of breaks.  I have 3 machines, so still have my faithfuls to piece on.  The 2nd Brown Bag Quilt has been finished front and back - the back ended up almost like making a 2nd quilt as I wanted to use as much of the fabric as possible.  That I will take to my LQS and rent the quilter for a more professional look.

But still busy as my Guild needed Comfort Dolls for charity gift boxes.  I hit the scrap bins and made up a dozen - here are a few.  And I fabric framed some finished cross stitch fall pieces - love this one.

I am loving the scrap a-long and all those wonderful scrap give aways - like I need more scraps.  But someone elses are so tempting - --

Until next month,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Love the dolls!!! Where can I find a pattern for those?

  2. Wilma -contact me privately and I will send you a set of patterns

  3. I love that quilt. It turned out so sweet. Wonderful!

  4. Thanks for your nice comment on "Logan's Story". I love both the quilt on this post and the one in your photo above!!

  5. Broken Crayons is gorgeous!

  6. Ph Sharon...I love the name of this one....and it looks like ikt was fun to make!!!