Monday, November 22, 2010

Giving Thanks

       Patrick John Guthrie arrive 2 weekds early - 8lbs. - 18" at 12:45 11/23/10
       Big Ed, Mom, Lil' Ed, and baby are all doing fine
I added a new widget to AuntSpicy's new "100 Quilts" program.  Join in and help donate a quilt to a local charity for those in need during this holiday season.

I am recovering from a 3-day community artisians' show - very successful.  There were times you couldn't breathe it was so crowded.  I did some stitches there - very few.  I came home and got some things in progress - so pictures of my relaxing work.

I loved the Jelly Roll quilt along, so of course just had to do the Layer Cake.  I have a mix of Koyoto and Frosty Fat Quarters that are working well together and should make for a lovely soft quilt. 

A scrappy tree block using my 1.5" squares - yes I love to work with tiny pieces, either in paper piecing or regular piecing.  These will be sashed with a "red brick" and black corner stones.  I have some left over black/muslin and red/muslin 9-patches that might get worked into the final border.

And I am leasurely piecing the first step of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery - finding I don't have a lot of pinks in my stash/scraps, hopefully there is enough to use here without buying any more fabric.  Pink, orange, and purple are out of my comfort color zones.  Do you have a color you avoid?

And some cross stitch spring Mandela designs - yes I am looking forward to spring before the major part of winter is even here.  Lilacs and thistles - funny, there's those pinks and purples.  I love them in stitcheries, but not fabric - how odd.

I have watched a couple of Bing Crosby/Bob Hope  "road" movies.  They are pretty much the same story line no matter which "road" - song, dance, and fight over the same pretty girl.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving week and remember to give thanks to those in need,

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Sharon, I want to come to your house and sew with you!! I think I take too much time thinking of what I want to sew and talk myself out of doing anything.
    I am collecting the steps to Bonnie's Mystery Quilt. And maybe one day I will get to it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!1\

  2. Thanks so much for helping spread the word! Your quilt squares are gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful blocks! I love the soft colors you have chosen for the Layer Cake Quilt Along.