Monday, November 29, 2010

Wrapping Up November

A new banner is up - a quilt done almost 3 years ago when I started quilting and took almost a year to assemble.  Then it sat for another year not knowing what to do with the "quilt as desire" and then turned it over to a long armer to work the magic.  I call it "petits morceaux de bleus" - little bits of blue.

I've been called an "over achiever" and my goal for the month was to slow down and do things for fun.  I did just that, but there still was a lot of creating going on.  But I honestly enjoyed a slower process.  I sent my Secret Santa gift(s) and they should arrive at their destination today.  The main gift was this wallhanging made with Dawn Adelaide's Frosty Flakes pattern.  A few extra goodies were added to the box.  I hope my swap mate enjoys her Holidays.

And I finished quilting up the scrappy spider web for Aunt Spicy's blog - 100 Quilts for Charity.  I will take the quilt to my next guild meeting to be donated to the church for distribution of community families in need list for the Holiday Season.  I love this pattern and can see making more of these. 

 I mailed out 12 house blocks for the Love, Laugh, Quilt - Build a Community block swap.  When I signed up for this, I suddenly remembered my UFO/Orphan box and pulled all the house blocks.  I love making house blocks, and there was enough there (of many sizes and styles) to make at least 3 quilts!  I can see my work is cut out for me in 2011. 

I finished the 2nd step of Bonnie Hunters mystery.  My little basket looks like a pile of confections.  Then someone reminded me she was re-releasing Christmas Lights, so I  just had to jump on this one too.  Between these two quilts, I should really  manicure my stash. 

 I know a lot of people have added "Black Friday" shopping as a tradition, but I stay away from malls after Nov 1st.  But I did go to a special "fat quarters for food" sale at the Quilt Bug - my local quilt shop.  I like to use this to fill up on my lights and any missing colors - or what catches my fancy.  It helps the local food pantry - and of course we have to buy while we are there, so it helps to keep our favorite fabric shop open.  And I fabric framed a new cross-stitch mandella - Lighting the Tree.  It reminds me of all the tree lighting ceremonies right after Thanksgiving.

I have had my fill of "Scrooge" movies - I think every version was on this past weekend.  But my favorite is the 1951 Black & White "A Christmas Carol" with Alastair Sim.  December I hope to enjoy my new grandson - yet to hold/see him.  And continue with Bonnie's wonderful projects. I'd like ,also, to finish up two more charity quilts to donate to the church - there are so many in need.

Sewingly Yours,


Wilma Lee said...

Love love love your quilts. And as far as seeing you new grandchild....get on Skype. It the next best thing to being there!!!

Sharon said...

So many pretties! Love the quilt you have sent out for your Secret Santa gift, it will be cherished, I am sure! Mine is going out in the mail today. I sure hope you get to hold your new grandbaby very soon!

Roma said...

Sharon- you are well a head of any other person I know! When I read all you do and in the short amount of time, I feel lazy.. You scrap quilts are just beautiful.
Go see the new grandson,give him the special granny hugs. He will be walking this time next year!!

Sparky said...

Goodness me Sharon, you have been busy...your quilts each better than the have this most amazing talent my dear...

Carol said...

Frosty Flakes looks gorgeous.

Aunt Spicy said...

1. You have been busy!
2. I just got a little teary-eyed...someone is going to be so touched to get your spiderweb quilt! Thank you so much for participating in 100 Quilts for Christmas!