Thursday, November 18, 2010

Going To The Depot

No not the train, I will be participating in a local artisans/crafters juried show Friday to Sunday.  It is set up in an Old Depot Station and sponsored by the Promotional and Historical Associations.  So I grabbed a few photos while packing up and hope to have some show photos - will have to borrow brother's camera as I think mine bit the dust.  Hmmmm - calling Santa.

I helped MOM in quilting up a panel quilt she made - it is being sent off to Iraq tomorrow.  Isn't it just too cute?  Our Tuesday class ladies, Mom, and I try to do a "cot" quilt to send each month.  Our local Doctor is currently stationed in one of the triage/hospitals and treats a lot of children.   We send them to him and he gives them out.   Good news to the community and his family, he is to be home before Christmas.
 I love these little clothes line hangers my son made.  They are for displaying your minis - had to make up a few "cheater" minis for a sample.  And I am taking a few of my Thumb Dolls (sitting with "Country Cousins" pattern by Red Rooster).  I use my thumb to make the heads, but I don't like them just plain (scarry) so I give them rag hair.

And I'm adding a few cross stitch for Chooky Blues'  "Quilters Stitch Tour".  The teddies I did last year - yes the entire piece is all stitches.  I love the brooch detail.  And the SAL I finished a couple of months ago and is my brick house.  There's not a fence, but I would love this some day.  And no bee hives anymore, but we had a stray hive take residence in our old milk house and  we had to have them removed - three different times!  The worry there was they were a new strain and very vicious - and we have  family members who are very allergic to bees.
.Well, off to load up the van to go do set-up.  Luckily this show is just the other side of town, no early rises and no late night home.  Yes, I have packed a few small hand stitching projects to work on.

Sewingly Yours,


gracie said...

Enjoy the Depot show..thank you for sharing

Rose Marie said...

Lovely pieces and I hope you have a good show.