Friday, October 12, 2018

Whooping Friday

This is so true!!  I did get a couple of pieces quilted, so I guess that makes me feel less guilty.  And I am waiting on a thread order so I can get to the next pile of quilting.  I just enjoy something new, something challenging, something creative.

This is a miniature mystery with Lori @ Humble Quilts.  "Sajou" Part One can be found HERE and Part Two can be found HERE.

This is one of the many of Carole's Autumn Jubilee offerings during this month.  I don't have a lot of Orange in my stash (it photo'ed rather pink), but enough for a couple of the pumpkins for Step One found HERE.   I'm thinking just a table runner, although she offers different sizes/options.

My little project for the up-coming Pick A Pumpkin Hop is ready for sandwiching up and quilting.  I just might find another quilt to go under the machine as well this weekend.  Or maybe I'll pull a hand quilting piece as we are to drop into the 40's and a nice warm quilt in the lap sounds pretty good.

My heart and prayers are with those in Florida,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Such pretty things in your quilting piles!

  2. Very cute projects. I especially like your mystery. I see there’s a Christmas mystery starting up at Temecula Quilt Co. I might decide to join in. We’ll see how much progress I make on the Cardinal. Love the squirrel meme. Absolutely true around here. Thank goodness the kitties keep them in check.

  3. Thanks for the mention! New sew-along starting now too!!

  4. I ADORE that sign! :)
    You've got some great projects to play with there. I'm keeping an eye on Sajou, but haven't started yet.
    I'm thinking a handquilting project in the lap sounds good, too. (It's hard to get too enthused when it's 80 and humid. So glad that's done.) (Hopefully it's done, right?)

  5. Love your pumpkins! It's definitely the season for some fun fall stitching. Congrats on all the guilt reduction over the last few weeks. That has to feel good to get some projects moving towards completion. Glad you were able to find the little stray's home. Someone was probably very distressed to have lost the that little one. Happy stitching this week.

  6. Your pumpkins look wonderful! You are gettin on with lots of projects

  7. Can't wait to see step 2 for the pumpkins. I'm also interested in Temecula sewalong but I've got so many other UFOs that I might not join in. I had a good laugh about the ducks versus squirrels. Loooooong story short, I have a collection of rubber ducks at work that makes everyone laugh about me having my ducks in a row but it's all squirrels at home...