Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

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One of the ornament kits from the guild meeting was for these cute Scandinavian Stars.  Steff used this tutorial to base her share with us.  The original tute uses 3 1/4" by 12" strips, but Steff redrafted them with 2.5" by 10.5" strips to use up left over Jelly Roll strips and scrap bindings. 

We all have those - I do.  I'll make up the kitted star and then dig for those random JR strips and hit the string tote for some goodies.  I am playing with scrappy no-sew stars today.  Heck, I may even get out the Christmas fabric tote that I have been avoiding and pull some seasonal prints.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Made a bunch of these last year, be warned, they are addicting. Have fun.

  2. I made these last year for the grand children. I make them an ornament every year. Looking for this year's inspiration. Have fun.

  3. I love the Scandinavian stars! Just a word of warning though, I made about 60 of them as little Christmas gifts for our church families a couple years ago, and messed up the joint in my thumb by attempting to do too many each evening.

  4. We did these as a guild meeting project last year, but I had trouble getting my one lonely sample tight enough. I cut fabric for three so I suppose I should go back and try again.

  5. We made one of those at my last small guild meeting. Fun, but, a bit confusing. The photos you gave the link to are better that the video some of us were trying to use.