Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

If you would like to see my Mom's students' quilt show at the Schoharie Library, our guild Historian has done a lovely post  HEREThe banners were made by the guild and presented the day of the Tea.

Steff, our Historian, also did up a nice presentation of the Catskill Mountain Quilt Show the day we hung the exhibit.  You can see that HERE

In that scrap bag I found this strip of Fall fabrics - a cut off from a project?  I got the seam ripper out and seperated those and have a little project planned to use them up.  I, also, pulled the 'Harvest House' pattern and plan to make a couple of minis from different sections.  I really love this pattern and maybe some day I will actually make the whole thing as is.  BUT, it is fun to use bits of a pattern and make good use of some of those smaller scrap baggies of goodies. 

** And the found little elder pup has been returned to it's owner.  My daughter and I both put out a facebook blip and within hours we got word.  The newly opened Senior Complex  - a new tenant.  I wasn't aware that they allow pets, so now if we come across another lost cuddle we will check with them.  **

A good Day to Play,
Sewingly Yours,


Ellie said...

Thanks for the lovely eye candy this morning! Great way to start my day! So glad the pup has been returned to his owner!

Barbara said...

Wonderful quilts, and a wonderful way to honor your mother. Her students’ quilts were so much fun. I especially love the choir singers and the cow.

kiwikid said...

Two beautiful quilts there. That mini pattern looks wonderful too. Good to hear the puppy is reunited with its owner.

Beth said...

What fantastic news, that the dog is back home. And to hear that the elderly dog went back to the Senior Ctr--well, I know that two seniors's hearts were mighty thankful over that reunion. What a blessing that your family was able to make it happen. Just thinking about how I'd feel if one of ours slipped away brings tears to my eyes; pets are so vulnerable, and that little dog seemed especially so. A happy ending all around.

KatieQ said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt photos. Your library looks like a nice place to settle in with a good book.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Thanks for links to both posts. One quilt was in both posts. Glad the dog is back home now.