Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

Boy, it's been a long time since I had a scrappy play day or scrappy Wednesday post.  The commission quilt is a finished flimsy and pressed/blocked out for sandwiching.  Since the next three days I will be busy at the local quilt show, today is a play day.

I want to play with Bonnie Hunter's Rail Block Challenge which I am using a mix of logs and rails.  My previous scrap bag was down to a few left overs in a zip bag, so I pulled a new grocery sack of scraps to add to the mix.  Use it up is the theory of this quilt.

Even with the business, I did keep up with a little hexie each day and managed to finish off the next temperature rosette.  As you can see, we've had the typical changing of seasons of up and down temps.

60 -69 - 59 - 68 - 75 - 68 - 76

Take some time to play,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. A temperature rosette per week? What a cute idea!

  2. love your logs and rails. I will have to get back to my logs after I finish Christmas projects. love scraps! they are so fun to play in

  3. Nice you're getting play day in your busy week. Enjoy!

  4. Great blocks and hexies. Have fun at the show!

  5. Cute blocks! I share your love of tiny blocks. I've been tempted by BH 's leader ender but I've been tying to do Tumalo Trail that way. It's a long road! Lol!

  6. How many hexie weeks are you up to? The weeks seem to be rushing by.

  7. Glad you got some time in to play with scraps. All work and no play are absolutely no fun. Thankfully, I'm off the bring home work kick, at least for a few days. Hope the vending goes well this weekend.

  8. Such lovely hexie colors this week! Great idea to add logs to your rails. I've almost got my BW checkerboards done so it's time to cut my 1.5" strips into the proper lengths for rails.