Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Scrappy Wednesday

My scraps of greens, aquas, heading into blues for this past weeks temperature rosette.  We've had heavy frost, but some of the Catskill and Adirondack Mountain areas have had a wee bit of snow.  I might need something special to mark our first snow day like I did for the Solar Eclipse event.

63 - 68 - 69 - 70 - 72 - 51 - 52

I may need to pull one or two more to work with these - piecing a back for a quilt that has to be finished this weekend.

I bought some embroideries from one of the vendors at the show - a local shop samples for demo of their machines.  There was quite a pile of some very lovely things.  Some singles, some doubles, triples and foursies.

This  one looks like our one barn and the old pump - yes, we had one of those once upon a time.  I like the fabric sashing, but I think I will remove and make into skinnier shashing.  Then I have a block in mind to make an outside border.  This one is mine.

I've had a lot of 'horse' requests lately and I grabbed this one up to save for any special commission requests down the line.

One of the other vendors at the show was a defunct shop and she was traveling shows trying to clear inventory.  I fell in love with the number FQ and it was a 'just have to have' purchase.  The 'Almost Amish' is an old RJR line and I took what was left on the bolt - a little over 4 yrds - with plans for using it as a backing.

Now I need to get that back pieced,
Sewingly Yours,


Debbie said...

Great finds and buys. Love the embroidery will make them up to be so special I know.

Nancy J said...

How wonderful to have those pieces on hand, and sometimes a fabric just has to come home.

Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Cool finds! I love the colors of your scraps... and the house and pump pieces!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I want a little snow ❄ ❄

Kate said...

Those panels will make some fun projects. Hopefully it will be a bit before you see snow.

Sarah said...

Great idea to sell/buy those embroidery oanels. I don't *do* the embroidery but it would jazz ip a new project as you've done. Great idea!

Great hexie fabrics. Looks like a few more days of "nice" here and then we start to go downhill towards more new colors. Cant wait to see what u pick for the first snow.

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