Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Monday Making

Since I posted the Quilt Show on Monday, my Monday Making waited a day.  I worked these Bonnie Hunter Challenge Rails and Logs while there was time home from vending over the weekend and finished them up Monday.  They all need a good pressing and squaring up.  I now have 40 of each, so about half way there with this project.  The upside is that the last scrap bag is empty!  I have plenty of FQ odds and ends that need using up, so that is my next area to hit when I sit down to these.

Block #10  for the Pathwork QAL came out on Monday and I cut all my pieces out.  Love these little work boards to hold my things in place and sits easily next to the machine.  I will do these as leader/enders as I prep some projects for machine quilting.  Then my machine gets a good cleaning, oiling and set up for 'quilt' mode - those projects have been stacked up and waiting their turn for too long.

Our temps have downward spiraled with some very heavy frost last night - thought it snowed.  The Canadian Geese are making very short stops of rest/feeding and moving on at a fast pace.  I think that four letter word is on it's way.

Sewingly Yours,


Nancy J said...

I have forgotten where you are, but geese moving makes me think that your winter is very near. An empty scrap bag, guess some more will come your way very soon.

Debbie said...

Love those boards for keeping cut pieces/blocks laid out! You must have been working hard to get thru your scraps bags.

Barbara said...

It was chilly in Jersey City yesterday morning, but nicely warmed up by the time we reached Lancaster County.

Kate said...

Looks like you've made great progress. It's been cooling off here too. Not quite sweater weather, but close.

sanpiseth40 said...

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