Monday, November 9, 2020

Monday Making


Well, all of the sashings and part of the inner border have been stitch in the ditch.  I have an accent line and then ditch on that inner border before tackling the outer border.  I've gone thru 10 bobbins - that's a lot of boring straight line stitching.  I'll clean the machine and change out the needle - wind some new bobbins and find some thread to match that blue.  Then an easy, relaxed FMQ motif to fill.  I'll be using the blue for the binding (already made) and this one should be done today. 

It's funny that we had freezing temps with snow a week ago and the past few days we have been in the 70's - beautiful.  My SIL was visiting while my brother was doing some clean up and we got an invite up the road to one of the Monday sewing gals who has not been since the Covid lock down (pre-existing health).  We loaded Mom and some lawn chairs and enjoyed a piece of pie with ice cream out side with some much needed catch up chatter.

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Sewingly YOurs,




  1. Here too with the weather
    Uour get together sounds lovely.we had a 4.2 earthquake yesterday.we dont get those. Crazy!

  2. Those are some crazy warm temps in your area for this time of year. It’s been chilly but sunny here. I’m afraid we’re headed for rain all week and next week. Probably from here on. This is the Pacific Northwest. We know it’s coming. Your quilt is looking good. I worked on mine yesterday and got quite a bit done. Still a lot more to do.

  3. Yep- we are loving the 70's here in southern Michigan too!
    Nice to have quilt chatter time.

  4. Wow!! 10 bobbins just to stabilize the quilt?? Sounds like a lovely outing to the neighbors house, Sharon!

  5. Such a beautiful quilt, Sharon! I've done some social distancing visits lately and it is definitely a much needed activity. I'm glad you got to enjoy some chat time!

  6. Yes, this stretch of warm weather has been a gift (maybe a slight reward for all the election anxiety?). I've done lots of outside end of season clean up and took take-out lunch to a quilting friend who has pretty much remained isolated since March. We sat on her porch and got caught up with everything.

  7. This is a lovely quilt--I really like the pattern with the crosses...
    temps have been crazy here week cold and windy and the next back to Summer temps...hugs, Julierose

  8. Really like this quilt. Hope all is well.

  9. Straight lines quilting might be boring but it looks wonderful. Great you had some outdoors visiting and catch up time.