Sunday, November 15, 2020

Monday Making


I haven't been doing a lot of quilting as I have been doing more ME things.  I did get the newest 'house' block made for the guild's President Challenge.  This month our catagory is 'National Pride' and there are so many to chose from, but I chose a variation of the Union (unity) Block as that is where my thoughts are.

The bottom row are the mini blocks that I'm doing - copies of the blocks made by members - they are pinned to a scrap piece of batting.  There were several repeats as well as we had only half our members at the meeting.  I'll probably be doing some catch up at some point when those missed reveal their blocks.

As with so many states, we are starting a backward slide with Covid-19.  Schools are starting to shut down and the Governor has (so far) mandated closing restaraunts and bars closing earlier and no group gatherings of more than 6 people for two weeks.  NYC's shennigans of course leads to the shut down of all of us, but we have to have a wake up call to be more dillegent - some people just need a frying pan up the side the head.

We are sliding, also, into extreme cold, high winds (some areas had tornado warnings last night), and heavy rains with snow in higher elevations.  I think I will work on some more of Bonnie Hunter's leader/ender blocks - block making makes me at peace. 

Sewingly Yours,


Lyndsey said...

Nice blocks Sharon. Lol I love your comment about a frying pan up the side the head. We have the same problem here in London. If everyone would just behave more sensibly and also think of others but no it's restricting their rights. They forget that rights bring responsibilities. Take care, stay safe and keep finding your happy place.

sewyouquilt2 said...

The weather here is nutty too. Par for 2020
We have same covid issues. Going up and people walking around no mask no nothing. I refuse to open my window if a truck driver wont wear. Yes a frying pan would be useful in these tomes lol
Beautiful house block

Barbara said...

Crazy weather here too...lots of rain, and I believe it’s here to stay for the winter. Oregon is on a two-week “pause.” It doesn’t change anything for us, really, but we are wondering if our trip south is going to work out. RV travel is pretty safe since we control our environment, but if Biden decides to institute a nationwide lockdown, RV parks could be closed too. We’ll do our part if we have to.

MissPat said...

Covid restriction fatigue has settled in here in western NY, too. The numbers are worse than last spring and yet people are proudly proclaiming that they will have their large Thanksgiving gatherings come hell or high water. We, therefore, are voluntarily hunkering down except for groceries and medical appts. I have lots to keep me busy.

kiwikid said...

Beautiful blocks, I really like your first house block. The frying pan sounds like a wonderful idea .Melbourne has not long come out of lockdown and curfew, some were not happy at having their rights infringed, but most realised it was for the good of the community to keep home. We now have to wear masks when we go out, it is going to be challenging with summer coming. But better than getting the virus!!

QuiltGranma said...

Your quilt is coming along very nicely! I like the idea of having inspiration of topic for each month and then you choose what should fit that for you!