Sunday, November 1, 2020

Monday Making


Over the rainy weekend I managed to get the Autumn Jubilee quilt assembled as far as I can.  I have no yardage that will work for the next two borders - shopping time.  BUT, I like that it is at least to this stage and it will join the pile of quilts to be finished off in 2021 - which is fast approaching.

 I even managed to get the pink Cactus Blossom blocks set into their rows along with the setting sashings made.  Today I want to get this quilt into the flimsy stage.  I don't have yardage for the final border on this one either, but this one can 'marinade' and maybe something (older fabric) will come in purposely in a gifted bag of goodies.  It will wait it's turn for the big finish next year.

I have just three quilts to finish off that second huge tote of 'to be quilted' - my goal met for the year.  And I have that one tote left (with two new ones added to it) that will be cleared out next year.  I've even taken stock in what my 'theme' or motto will be for next year and is one of the reasons why I need to organize and move my sewing area to be more productive and inspire the creativity.

More rain, cold and even possible snow is on the horizone, so sew away!

Sewingly YOurs,



  1. What a fun quilt. I love your pink Cactus Blossoms too. I know a lot of people dislike pink, but it’s one of my favorites.

  2. Autumn Harvest looks beautiful. I love those warm colors. Pink is a great pick me up for everyone. Cactus Blossoms is sure to please!

  3. Love your Autumn quilt. Hope all is well.

  4. Your autumn quilt looks wonderful and does the Cactus, you are going to be busy in 2021. Keep warm.

  5. I love the pink Cactus Blossoms. I'm already whining about the cold weather. Snow in October is not acceptable.

  6. The pink cactus quilt is lovely...xox