Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Scrappy Wednesday

SARAH has started the H2H Challenge for 2020.  A lead in with 'Charmed I'm Sure' - simple quilts made from charm squares.  You can find her informational page HERE for sign ups, sponsors, and list of donation sites, etc... **and you do have the option of donating locally**

I've had this mock up in my files for a long time and since my year's goal is to tackle my animal patterns/fabrics - this is a great one to use for a H2H quilt.  2.5" squares would give you a 34"x42" (maybe add a border for size).  3.5" squares would give you a 52" x 63" finish.  

The first try had a lot of seam ripping as I found I had to work the pattern in sections (like a puzzle) to accomodate tail, face, and body being worked into the design.

The second one is in progress and went a lot smoother as I had the bugs worked out of that pattern.  This one I changed the 9-patch for a Rail Fence block and there is a reason for that.

It all started with a fun Kaffe jelly roll - everything else is scraps or pull from stash.  I have enough left - either full length or partial strips - to make a third quilt.  That will be a stitch and flip method of quilt as you go.  So from one JR and clearing out some scraps, I will have three bright and fun quilts for H2H.  

Sewingly Yours,