Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday Making

This is one of the quilts I worked on over the weekend - with coffee and chocolates.  It is the same 'train tracks' pattern that I showed LAST WEEK HERE, just a change of color makes it look different.

I had three cut-off strips of this extra wide backing and I pieced them to make the back for this.  The binding is a piece of brown/red paisley (just enough) more scraps moved out of inventory.

A couple of 2.5" square scrappy couch size throws done and a piece of my SIL's were done up.

Today I need to get this one finished.  Who would have thought that the purple floral from my Aunt would match this Connecting Threads line so perfectly for a border - yes, I did a border.  There was enough to piece a back and make binding (with a half yard left).

I have enough batt on the roll to finish off two more couch throw size quilts - maybe one more if I piece the cut-offs.  Moving things on and out.

I need to order new batting for all those big quilts which will go on the frame - my winter hibernation projects.  Hey, it's coming!  Did you see the snow in Montana?  Do you line up those 'buried in winter' projects?

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Nice finishes and great plan for buried in winter projects!
    I am looking forward to a seasonal change, but being buried this winter can wait a bit longer for me! lol!!

  2. Such a difference in the appearance using the scrappy bits! I would not have figured it to be the same pattern. I adore those purples:)

  3. Love both your projects and the coffee on the train tracks is so nice. Would never guess its the same pattern

  4. I love that block pattern. What a great way to use up a lot of scraps. I’m setting aside some smaller projects as take-alongs when we head south for the winter.

  5. Wonderful finishes! (And a border! Yay!)
    I tend to squirrel projects away for winter - all those years in far northern Vermont taught me to be prepared to be snowed in for who knew how long...

  6. Beautiful finishes, that is a great pattern. No such problems for us with winter here, we don't get anywhere near as cold as you do. I can't imagine being snowed in!!

  7. Love your new train tracks quilt!! And the quilting on it is perfect!!!

  8. It looks so different made up in scraps, I didn't realize it was the same pattern.

  9. Congrats on the finish! Love your purple and green project! Lovely florals and the border is gorgeous. (I have absolutely nothing purple in my house, but I love seeing it in quilts).