Sunday, September 15, 2019

Monday Making & Winner

I haven't posted in a bit to allow time for the Favorite Quilt Block Hop viewers to catch up on the post.  Also, I was wrapped up in getting ready for the CMQHOF new member Induction Ceremony held on Saturday.  My guild was the host of the event as well as I had a lot to do as HOF President.

Pat Cumming, Denise Giadullo, Nancy Michel, and Kathy Livingston are our new inductees and were honored with certificate amd silver thimble.  The blocks they are holding will be included in their member plaque with photo and brief bio to hang in the gallery in Arkville, NY.  Kathy is a member of our local guild so it was exciting not only to host, but also to have one of our own so honored.

It was great that so many inductees where in attendance as well as quests.  This is a group shot of all of us Silver Thimble folks.  My Mom (with walker) is the oldest living inductee whom I was glad to be able to have her present this day.

Saturday was, also, 'Airing of the Quilts' along with promoting the QUilt Barn Trail in Schoharie County.  Since most of us were at the Inductions, some of the gals hung them out Sunday.  These are some of Kathy's.
Watch the background!

This just cracks me up!!!!!   Curious bunch of girls!!!!!

And these are Steff's - love the setting on the deck.  We are holding Steff to being sponsored into the next Induction in two years.  Hi Steff!!  She reads my blog.

I didn't get mine out as Mom was worn from the long day and I was keeping a close eye on her - no need for folks walking around the property on top of it all.  Another day as they could all use an airing.

Today I'd like to get both settings of the Chandelier Bead Blocks done for the RSC19 with the color purple.  They work up really quick.

To calm myself down - slow down - while prepping for Saturday's event I worked up the last few Block B for the complete 66 count.

I even managed to get a few rows put together and I hope to add at least 4-6 more today.  Slow and steady with this one as it is going to be BIG.

Then I need to cut a lot of 2.5" strips from this new fabric for a new project.  With all the scrap work, working with something new is a thrill.

The Winner of the Favorite Block Hop Give Away

Flying geese blocks were my nemesis for about a year when I began quilting, mostly I was irritated by how often they were being used and that I HAD to use them. Once I was taught the no-waste method my mind was changed (I was also unaware of how fun the extra HST bits can be if you use sew & flip) and now I definitely enjoy using the block in my quilting. I love how you incorporated the block in the sampler, so clever! And thanks for the generous giveaway!

I will send Brandy an e-mail for information so I can get this right out.

Not to worry as another fun Hop is coming in October - getting ready.

Sewingly Yours,


Nancy J said...

What a gathering, cows included,and to have your Mum there would be so special. Love those blocks already assembled, this looks to be a real beauty. said...

Wow I agree what a gathering, and love the airing of the quilts, and the bovine attendees. Schoharie County is beautiful, I recently wandered through.

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Those cows are certainly curious, LOL!! Great projects, love the meme too.

Barbara said...

Oh, that's wonderful your mom was able to be there. Seeing the cows reminds me of a funny story. We had our first boat, a small inboard/outboard. We took it up the Columbia River a ways and found a nice sandy beach. We took it in toward shore and we all hopped off and stood back admiring it. (It might have been the first time we had it in the water.) The kids were about 5 and 9. anyway...I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and turned around to find a whole herd of cows standing right behind us. A couple of them even waded out into the water to look at the boat. It startled us, as you might guess. That place is forever known as the "cow beach."

Sherry said...

I enjoyed reading your post and catching up a bit. Loved the airing of the quilts and learning about the special ceremony. I know you will enjoy cutting and working with the new fabric for your new project.

kiwikid said...

Nice to see the quilts oout in the air, had a giggle over the curious cows!! Lovely to see your Mum out and about and special to have her at the ceremony.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Oh my gosh - the photo with the cows is the BEST!! Sounds like you had a very fun but busy time!! LOVE all those quilts!!