Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Scrappy Wednesday

There is a despirate need to sort thru the Civil War totes.  Things are in a jumble and a few non-CW fabrics have floated into here.  The easiest way is to just dump it all out and the slowly sift thru pulling color out, pressing, and then neatly folding/stacking back into the tote.

There is tote for the colors and a tote for the lights, which looks pretty much like 'mushy' medium browns/beige.  I think I need to get some new light shirtings in the new year as well as come up with a plan for the mushy.

The reason for the gleening of the CW totes is I need these for the next step for the Temecula "Summer Scraps" quilt.  264 Broken Dishes blocks are going to take a long time and when I pulled out the project tote, I have very few finished or in stages.  I have discovered in my cutting that I am suffering from 'Quilter's Neck/Shoulders' from the marathon of quilting.  A few at a time will get done - slow and steady along with sessions with the heating pad.

I figured I could work on a small hand project while using the heating pad.  I haven't worked on these 'tile' hexies for a couple of months.  The Cheddar & Indigo project traveled all Spring and Summer, then sadly forgotten.

If I can get at least a few of the center rosettes done, the Cheddar can be done later.  It will certainly travel again in 2019.  I have another spindle of white thread waiting to be used.  When they get down pretty far, I don't
like to use them on the machine as they 'skip' and shake your stitches.  They get set into a box to be used for hand stitching only.

I finally have my car back from the garage - Mery Christmas to me.  BUT, we are into the Artic Blast with extreme cold, winds, and snow.  I don't go out in that.  Today is to be better and Mom want's to get out, so a trip up the road to the Dollar Store and Valley Market are on the agenda.  Once home I will get back to my slow progress.  Slowing down seems like a good idea at this time.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Sorry to hear you are one of the quilters struggling with neck issues this time of year. Me, I'm suffering quilter's finger and butt from marathon sessions of binding!

  2. Wow, that is a big project with 264 blocks! I am feeling the need to stay inside and nest a bit now too, slowing down and enjoying the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  3. oh sorry that you joined the "Quilters' Neck/Shoulders" club; I find that at least one whole day of rest (and I usually take 2-3) from rotary cutting really helps a lot. Difficult this time of year though and ....not to mention "withdrawal" either !!
    Hoping you feel better soon..Julierose P.S. Love your rosettes--that orangeade color is spectacular...more hugs--but gentle ones ;))))

  4. Sorry about the neck and shoulders. I know that feeling all too well. I’d forgotten about your cheddar project too, and that’s a good tip about nearly empty spools. I haven’t noticed that...but, hm...maybe I have. Good idea to save them for hand-stitching.

  5. A whole lot of hand stitching, do you have a light over your shoulder? A long time ago my optometrist told me this was the best way to read? And slowly sorting, those strips look great.

  6. The cheddar project is literally making me salivate!

  7. Thank you for the tip with the cotton, always something to learn! Take time to let your shoulders and neck recover, lovely hexies.

  8. I hate those neck and shoulder problems, they do slow you down. Hope the heating pad has worked some wonders for you. Enjoy your slow stitching and your fabric sorting. Those cheddar hexies are just spectacular. Have a very happy holiday. (Stay warm!)

  9. So nice to see your cheddar project again. It's such a pretty color - not sure why I don't use the color more myself. Hope your neck heals soon!