Sunday, June 10, 2018

Struggling with Focus

As you can see, my camera was getting worse with taking photos due to it's "frozen" state.  No ability to make anything in focus, but sometimes we go thru life a bit fuzzy - at least I do.  This is Sally Trude's free pattern you can find HERE on her tutorial page.  It reminds me I have all those cute piggies of her's that need to be a quilt.  The standing bunnies are on my to-do list as well.

I used the '30 Blocks in 30 Days' pattern by Carla @ Quilting in the Sticks to use up a fat 8th bundle of Cotton & Steel.  It's different, but take a look at some of the blocks and how the guest made a complete quilt with that one block for the day.  Some really super quick gift and charity quilts to be made. 

I had an enjoyable weekend with a visit with the grandies which gave the chance to gift them their covered journals.  Now I am on a quilting mode to gather my own focus.  I am working from the smallest piece up to the larger quilts.  That to-be-quilted pile built up rather fast and it needs taming.

Please be sure to visit, comment, and be inspired by Carla's new Hop:

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Timely! I haven't done a blog hop in AGES! This one looks like fun ... thanks for sharing the info! :)

  2. Some cute stuff there. I love the poodles. I think I’m going to follow your lead starting last month and get quilting on the smallest to largest. My quilts to be quilted pile is getting shorter, but my quilts waiting to be sandwiched pile is building up. I need to finish off some of those puppies before I move anything else along.

  3. The poodles are so cute! The 30 blocks in 30 days quilt is very interesting too.

  4. What irony. Your 2018 theme is 'Stay focused' so your camera decides to malfunction. Love the poodles. Sally is so clever. I've made 4 of the sheep and just love them.

  5. I love the poodle quilt. They look so cute. The corner stones really give it an extra pop.

  6. Sounds like maybe you are acquiring a petting zoo: poodles, piggies and bunnies!

  7. I love the poodles. Thank you for the link to their tutorial.

  8. Cute poodles. Sorry about the camera troubles. I had to replace mine recently too.