Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday Making

Some reorganization going on and you can see one shelf unit is in fair condition while the other needs work.  Those plastic bags on top hold bolts of fuseables and need a better system - I hate plastic bags.

Plastic bags slip and slide and hide in corners.  I found these when sorting my whites to put in the large plastic lidded tote.  I made these a long time ago, but don't remember what for.  There is a plan now.

Patchwork rails and they will use up all the odd pieces and left overs of whites and w/w.

This is the JR Race made from the pile of odd browns.  It's a bit odd looking, but once bordered and quilted it will make a good donation quilt.

We had some much needed rain all weekend and it cooled things down.  I hope to get some walking in with the sun today.

Sewingly Yours,


Suze said...

It does help not only physically but also mentally to get some organization. That part of the stash is looking great. We had threats of storms this weekend. My son who lives in Arkansas called me at 2:45 AM Saturday morning to let me know that he was watching the weather channel and there was a tornado about one mile from my house. I was sound asleep. He asked if the sirens were going off and I could not hear them, so we decided that there was not a threat of a tornado or else there was not sufficient time to sound them, which does happen. As soon as we ended our conversation, the thunder was horendous. We got lots of rain and no flooding in my area. Last nght there was a threat of severe weather again and nothing materialized. We need a break in the heat. It has been very, very hot for early in the summer season. Hopefully your organization inspiration will help me to continue with my work on organizing my things. I'm itching to stitch and I've promised myself that I will not machine stitch until I get some much needed order back to my home. I'm making some progress. It's slow and it's progress. It's difficult to get much done with my fibromyalgia. When my energy level bottoms, I just have to stop where I am at that second. Then when I get a little energy, I have to do essential things, so I end up with sometimes a worse mess than when I started. It's just life and I'm just thankful that right now, it's under control better than in a long time. So, hopefully I'll be stitching in a couple of months. I love to see all your posts and dream of what I want to make.

Michele said...

Nice job with the strip quilt. You always find great ways to use up all the scraps.

Nancy J said...

Using those strips and squares looks great. And your shelves, they look very neat to me.

Janice said...

OH, I can vouch for the mental boost you get when you reorganize! Last week, I was in a slump and hadn't felt motivated to sew for over a week! I finally realized it was because my sewing space was a wreck. I spent hours organizing (it's still not done) but I immediately felt motivated to do some creating! What did you decide to replace the plastic bags with?

Kate said...

You've made lots of progress. The JR Race quilt used up a lot of scraps. Good luck with the continuing clean up.