Friday, April 13, 2018

Feline Friday

The important early morning errand has been completed and I can relax the rest of the 13th.

The errand - taking Moe for his annual trek to the Vet.  I am so happy that their office is  only 1 mile up the road and we only have to do this once a year, as my big 'guard' cat cries like a baby on these trips.  It's funny how he comforted Bella on her day and now she is comforting him on his day.  It's rainy and dreary, so I am sure these two will be here all day.

Yesterday I got two more on-point 4-patches done and I hope to get two more finished up today.  With the 4-patches already made, pressed, trimmed and the background pieces are all cut - these go together very quickly.

I watched Barbara make this Debbi Mumm Anniversary Sampler and fell in love.  I have made all of her 'free' patterns, but not this one.  A great project for helping eat up some of those scraps.

I just love those fish!  Just working mostly from the strip tote as a lot of these blocks use 1" - 1.5" pieces.  Anything larger is coming out of the last two scrap bags yet to be sorted.  I am going to try and get the houses done today.

It might be Friday the 13th, but it is still a Friday - go sew.

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Hope your kitty survives the trama of going to the DR. LOL!
    I have to say, I kind of act the same way. Love that anniversary quilt. I might have to look for that pattern myself.

  2. Our Friday 13th was yesterday, and all went safely by!!! Those 4 patches fit in so well with the solids, great blocks.

  3. Wonderful 4 patch blocks, and the fish are great too...the anniversary quilt is lovely, looking forward to seeing your work on that. Hope both the cats are happy and settled now.

  4. Your quilts are nice. We have issues taking Dunkin to the vet. He hyperventilates the whole way there.i feel so bad

  5. Hope Mo has forgiven you for the vet trip. Those fish are really fun and I love your on point 4 patch project. Happy stitching this weekend.

  6. Sadie and Smitty cry like babies on the road to the vet too. You’d think they were being killed right there in their kennels. I love your four-patch blocks. So cute, and that Debbie Mumm quilt is a winner. It took me absolutely forEVER to finish mine and then hand quilt it, but it’s one of my favorites. Have fun making yours.

  7. Those fish are very cool! That quilt is amazing and will be gorgeous when you're finished.

  8. Wonderful scrappy projects. I have never seen that Debbi Mumm sampler. Going to have to check that one out. Your blocks look great ... :) Pat