Monday, July 18, 2016


Yes, I managed to clean up that pile on the quilt rack and the little side table got cleaned off (although I dropped something new on it today)  It's unusual that when you finish up three quilts that they all are the same size.  Yup, three baby quilts 40" x 48" and that 30's blue print is worked up in all of them and the small bit left was cut down into my barrel system.

Used up those 'dotty' jelly roll stips - now gone for a simple and colorful quilt.

The back is a vintage flannel with panel rows reversing (why, I don't know) and the binding used up a lot of left overs from the drawer.

A simple postage stamp using up the more colorful squares out of the barrel.

Backed with an old Ro Gregg from the shelf (yeah that stripe ran straight) and the rest of the colorful left over binding went on this one.

The third quilt I can't show in it's entirety as it is a test quilt for Bea.  You will have to wait until she releases the pattern.

Day 6 of the hop and there has been so many projects added to my list.  Today's hosts are:

And all of those HSTs for SARAH'S guilt along.  Today we start putting things together.

I, also have to double check my Heritage Stars quilt for loose threads and cat hair then bundle it up to hand off to the long armer today.  This one needs to be a finish. 

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Lots of color and scrappy goodness there. I love the good old nine patch.

  2. Bright, colorful and scrappy. They are cute as they can be!

  3. Hi Sharon wow your quilt is amazing and boy lots of little squares in this one,you are on a roll my friend xx

  4. You had a productive sewing day! I always love a postage stamp quilt.

  5. Congrats on the finishes, both are so beautiful and scrappy.

  6. What wonderful finishes Sharon! Doesn't it feel nice to finish up the last bits of a fabric? Especially when it helps produce a finished quilt (or three!)

  7. Scrappy is best! I just love those finishes.

  8. Congrats on three quilt finishes (and all the same size!) and several fabric/binding use-ups. That is a goody flannel - I guess there is mo upside down this way…

  9. Those are both really great finishes and congrats on using up so much.