Friday, June 17, 2016

Help for Feline Friday

This is my first time joining Sarah with the Help for Hexies.  Yup, I am tackling a hexie project.  I will need 32 flowers for this quilt - it's a start.  This link up will help me stay on track with this project.

Since I have to pack up my sewing station, I prepped some handwork to take with me as well as to work on at home at night.  My next two rows of circles for the '365' quilt and enough pieces for 4 more flowers.

I was trying to wrap up the last bit of sewing before the pack up and do you see the 'blockage' behind my machine?

My washclothe and towel to clean up my tables became the purrfect spot for a Moe nap.  I think the hum and vibration of the machine lulled him right off because he was 'gone'.

But I managed to get the last few rail blocks finished for the center of my Let's Book It project.  All the rows together as well.  Now it will wait as I have to find (or shop for) the border/setting triangle fabric before I can continue with the rest.  A good place to end my sewing - things are packed.

Enjoy your weekend,
Sewingly Yours,


KimM said...

Lots of progress....and Moe is such a great helper!

Needled Mom said...

I can't imagine a more pleasant sound to lull me to sleep either!!

gayle said...

He really is out, isn't he?

Dana Gaffney said...

The hexes are really pretty, I wish I liked making them. Moe looks so peaceful and comfortable there, I guess he likes sleeping on towels as much as quilts.

Jeanna said...

Silly kitty. I bet Moe naps are the best naps.

I love the colors you used in your rail blocks.

Kate said...

Lots of progress on different fronts. The rail blocks look great. Hope you find lots of time for hand stitching this week.

Sarah said...

4 rosettes down and 28 more to go but since you posted before the weekend I also know you are now closer to the 32. Good luck cuz I can't wait to see your piecing/fabrics. With our fab weather Zorro couldn't be less interested in my sewing. I'm feeling the need to use a machine to sew myself something this weekend - now I just need to decide what :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Love the Moe nap pic! Rocky likes to find cuddly places in the studio to nap while I'm in there, and I love seeing him there keeping me company :*).

Carla said...

LOL love Moe. He know all the best napping places. The rail quilt looks great