Friday, June 17, 2016

Whoop Whoop Friday 6/17/16

I will be joining Sarah today to celebrate with a Whoop!  A Finish! (or two)

I made the center of this quilt back in February(?) and then it sat waiting for borders - because I hate borders.

It got added to the pile of 'waiting to be quilted'.  It was further down the pile, but while digging for backing fabrics for the top two quilts - I found something for this one.  So it moved up in the quilt Q.

I didn't have enough of just the Japanese cat print so pieced some yardage of that funny yellowie-green (that photo's so wrong in color).  Off set that strip which makes it easier to back without stressing is that strip dead on center.

And as long as the machine was set up for quilting, I finished up the Back Porch Bloom project.

I did quilting on a couple of small projects for my SIL, but she took them home to hand stitch the bindings.

Today is a clean-up/re-organize day.  I am vending at a local event this weekend and need my tables.  Yup, the machines will be un-plugged and put away.  They will be getting a good 'spa' cleaning, so they will be ready for some power sewing once they go back in action.

Sewingly Yours,


tink's mom said...

Love the quilt, great choice for the borders as well as the backing. The flower is another wonderful finish before breaking down your sewing area.

Sarah Craig said...

Oh, that's a beauty, Sharon! Good work! Whoop whoop!!

Jeanna said...

Love them both!

I hate borders too! I thought it was just me and I can't really determine WHY I hate them. Why do you? Maybe it will help me understand.

Good luck with your event this weekend :)

Richard Healey said...

I love the little flower. I do not take the time to make enough small and cute little wall hanging quilts. But love yours.

Richard Healey
Richard and Tanya Quilts
Richard and Tanya Quilts on Etsy
Richard and Tanya Quilts on Craftsy

KimM said...

Great finishes.

Carol Swift said...

You definitely deserve a "whoop whoop" for finishing those two beautiful quilts!

Chantal said...

I too have quilts that are almost finish and yet they just wait and wait for some attention. The cat fabric is a great choice. Love the borders too. It frames it so well. Congratulations on those two finishes. I love the little flower too. Too cute. ;^)

Sarah said...

Whoop! Whoo! SUCH a pretty quilt - LOVE that color combo! Good luck at your event- i hope it's a busy one.

margaret said...

lovey quilt and liking the Back porch bloom have mine made but thinking maybe will make a larger quilt using Lea`s other designs

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Woohoo! 2 more finishes. Have fun vending!

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful. Love the gray and yellow color combination. Enjoy the weekend.

Dana Gaffney said...

I always laugh when you say you hate borders, especially when you have two quilts that have the perfect borders. The gray and yellow quilts borders really make it striking.

Kate said...

Congrats on both finishes. I love your Bloom mini. I had some time to work on my Bloom project yesterday.