Friday, November 13, 2015

In for a Windy Weekend

The last couple of days have been a wild ride - like much of the midwest.  And this storm front is coming in over the Great Lakes which makes for some serious storms for our area. High winds, heavy rains, mix of snow and ice. Besides doing some 'winterizing' (along with cleaning) of the house I have some small projects to play with inbetween.

I pulled some fabrics for my Let's Book It project and have the basket (blue check) prepped for hand stitching.

This is my 'Tucker' - a sew along with Pam Puda at Heart Spun Quilts.  I will be making some changes and then need to get this quilted up.  She will be hosting a little quilt show of all the Tuckers in December.

This little project was shared by Debbie on one of her Friday Finds.  You can find the free pattern HERE at Havels Sewing.  I want to add an applique 'welcome' to the bottom and then get this one quilted up.

And there still is that applique sampler from our guild meeting that needs finishing.  Yup, there they are hanging eyeing me every day begging to be finished.

Moe I think was napping somewhere upstairs, but I found Bella in her camouflage nest on the couch.  Neither of them care to be out in this weather.


The Christmas Hop is going on over at Seams to be Sew - I need to catch up on that one.

The Virtual Cookie Exchange is over at Just Let Me Quilt - Maybe you can share a favorite recipe.

You can go vote for your favorite Dog Gone Cute quilt over at Sew Fresh Quilts  - my entry but I have another fav over there!

And there are some new buttons on the side bar to take a peek at.  I want to start the 365 circles, but not until the new year.

AND let's hold France in our heart and prayers as they endure this devistation and horror.

Sewingly Yours,


margaret said...

you have been creative, the tucker has really caught my eye.
Like you my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris, such a tragedy

Dasha said...

That Tucker is lovely. Not surprised your kitties don't like the weather. Sounds awful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon ,love your work the pineapple is so cute,well done my friend,hope you stay warm xx

Sarah said...

Here's hoping the storm will nit be as bad as predicted- ie same as here. Pretty windy and rainy (sump pump finally stopped running) and the asvisory for snow and rain that expired 12 mins ago was a total bust.

Love the pineapple and i almost didnt see Bella in her nest. Zorro came in soaked last night with leaves & pine needles in his fur. Think ur dynamic duo could talk him into staying inside?

Debbie said...

Your pups are precious and I voted. I love your turned out great! The Tucker project is so great, and a perfect home style feel to it.
Btw....the honeycomb and machine arrived and they are so cute....thank you.
Hope your weather is not as bad as predicted....stay warm.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Sharon my heart is breaking for France and for our world. But it is good to see life going on - we must not let our everyday activities be governed by these savages. So today I will spend in my sewing room doing the normal things. Perhaps that will help my heart to begin healing. It's always good to see what you are working on. Your projects inspire me. blessings, marlene

Joanna said...

Love your Tucker; patchwork quilts just have a wonderful look to them. This is the second windy weekend for us, and the trees are mostly bare, but not complaining. Too much hurt in the world for that.

Dana Gaffney said...

I voted for your dogs quilt as soon as the voting opened, it seriously is one of my favorites. The cold front is coming through right now which will leave us in the low 80's, sometimes I wish for a good blizzard.

Kate said...

I voted for your puppies. I hope you win. Stay warm and enjoy your stitching time.

Carla said...

Stay warm. We had our wind right before Thanksgiving and now it's just chilly for Texas. love the quilts.