Friday, November 27, 2015

Let's Book It - November 2015

This is the book I chose for my November project - I believe I won this in a give away so long ago (or did some one send it to me?).

I was tempted by those star blocks on the cover, but chose this cute wallhanging.


I really wanted to do this in needle turn technique, but these fabrics were very slippery and ravely and just made me tear my hair out in frustration.  So I changed to fuseable and a machine blanket stitch.  

I managed to get this pin basted on Thanksgiving - I didn't travel or have quests - home alone to play.  That's one of my drawers from my thread cart, ready for some walking foot and FMQ.

I got lucky - the two furkids decided this was the better place to nap and all of the quilting got done on Friday - well, all of it got done (wasn't sure I would make it folks).

I had cut all the pieces to make the border like in the pattern, but when laid out against the middle, it took over and you lost the cute flowers.  So I just went with a scrappy mock log.  The piece in the book is called 'Happy Flowers', but I called it Whimsical Flowers.

Remember we are taking a break for December - give you folks time for those gift sewing projects, food prep, and holiday stress enjoyment.  So there will be two names pulled for November.  The Vintage Sewing Machine Pin and

SewingAngelCHARM.jpg         RoseOfSharonCHARM.jpg

The Sewing Angel and Rose of Sharon Charms

Now it's your turn:


sewyouquilt2 said...

love your little wall hanging . in my old apartment I used to make wall hangings for each season as I had a great wall to hang them on. now that we are in our small home, there is no wall space. sigh...........gotta make large quilts.........such a problem eh? LOL Hope your Thanksgiving was great!

Sarah said...

I would b tempted by that cover quilt too! Love how they layed out the stars "wonky" and part of the inner sashing. So glad the furkids enjoyed their naps elsewhere so you could finsh your flowers- adorable!!!

Debbie said...

I love that little would be a good one for spring!! And I like your simple border treatment better, too.

Kate said...

I like your border better than the one in the book, it makes a great frame for the basket.

Terry said...

Your little quilt looks great! And you did win that book from someone...ME! :0)

Lucy said...

Your flowers do look HAPPY.

Cheryll said...

Always my pleasure to stop by your blog Sharon. xox

margaret said...

such lovely applique, the cats look so comfortable on your quilts, I would happily curl up with them!

Dana Gaffney said...

I love this, those flowers are so whimsical and I like your border better, it matches without overwhelming. The furbabies look warm and comfy, do they know they're sharing the blanket? LOL.

Jeanna said...

Hi Sharon. Your applique' is very pretty. How lucky to have so much time to sew over the last couple of days.

I look forward following you here and through the FB group we just joined.