Monday, November 30, 2015

December 2015 Goals

The last month of the "Keeping it Simple" year and I am keeping it simple.  

Last year it was baby's First Christmas stocking, so this year I need to make Miss Cutie Potooie a selfie bag like I made her brothers.  You can find the free pattern HERE.  The only thing I changed is rather than the drawstring feature (which is simple to do - the pattern directions are super), I take a sneaker lace and just fold in half and catch it in the side seam.  Then it can be wrapped around the bag and tied.  

And I need to clear my mantel so I can start decorating.  So the last two minis need removal for their finishing.

That's it!  Simple!  I will have those bindings to do (and maybe I'll get interested in those dang orange peels) for Slow Sunday Stitching.  There is a break from 'Let's Book It' - I have already picked out my first project for the New Year.  My SIL even finished up her last project yesterday, so her sewing area has been cleaned and packed up.

I am in the Santa Sack Swap again ( have joined every year) and my package of goodies arrived and she has hers (totally forgot to take photos).  That's why I need to decorate - want to set these out.  I have many lovelies from past swaps for the season and they need to come out of storage, too.

Our Quilt Guild party will be a fun self time this month and I do have an Executive meeting for Hall of Fame (will do some Christmas shopping on this trip).

I really put the blinders on all the cyber sales - BUT,,,,, I did finally break and just couldn't pass up 60% off (and found a code for an extra 20%) quilt kits at Connecting Threads and to fill in thread needs for the New Year.

well just for fun

Sewingly Yours,


  1. Hi Sharon oh those Xmas bags are so cute and I love this time of the year,oh lots of lovely goodies for you to unwrap soon,I love Chezs Santa sack swap xx

  2. Busy, busy, busy! Keep It motto, not just for the year, but always!

  3. Good for you, keeping it simple straight through December which is anything but simple. Maybe you'll find time to just play :)

  4. I love that 12 days list! My favorite is your pineapple....I did not get one done. there is always next year. Your gift bags make perfect gifts.

  5. Thanks for the 12 Days of Quilters Christmas funny. I printed it out for the quilt guild Christmas party, that will be at my house next week (why I've been cleaning, not stitching). Oh yea, with 2 dogs, I find dog fur as soon as I quit vacuuming. Never ending cleaning around here.

  6. It's pretty hard to resist those cyber sale deals. I've been needing to replace a rather expensive gel mat in my kitchen (easier on feet and knees). I checked the website on Friday and found a site-wide 25% off sale! Whoa! Then I started looking at some of the fabric sites, and found a perfect back for my Gingerbread Square. Now my question...what is a "selfie bag"? I like your shoelace idea.

  7. Cute 12 Days of de-Quilters Christmas! Sweet little totes. Thanks for the pattern link. I've saved it : )

  8. Can't wait to see what your SSS sent you! My trees go up this weekend so I'll test having my sack under the tree - must keep an eye on Z while we test it...
    I resisted all the cyber sales but I did buy myself a 2.5" square ruler on sale at Joanne's and it's been used extensively already so it was well worth it.

  9. Sounds like a good plan for the month. Happy stitching.

  10. Those bags are sew cute and fun.