Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

It is so hard to believe that we are this deep into the year, but I do love the Fall season.  I had hoped to keep my goal list short as I know I have obligations to care of my Mom after her next surgery and our Quilt Guild's quilt show that I want to help out as much as possible (plus a demo time).  But as I wrote out my list - well, it filled the page.

NewFO for the month will be my project for the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap Group and the theme (already agreed upon with my partner) for the month is 'Farmer's Market'.  I usually do these up as my first project done for the month, but because the first 2 weeks of the month I am extremely busy this will be further down on my list.  BUT it will be done, sent, and received before the end of the month.

Never too hot to Stitch!

I failed horribly on this last month and will use my projects again this month.  OLD - load my EQ and start using it.  New - get those tutorials on a tab.

I had several books pulled and then narrowed it down to four.  Then something came up and I found the pattern I want to use in one of those books.

I won this from Sue when she announced it's publishing - gosh, I am not saying how long ago.

And this is the pattern I am going to use.  I can't say more, or show the fabric I am using - blah, blah, blah - as it will give everything away.

I will be making a small, simple project for the Make It a Handmade Christmas Challenge.  And the Simple Small Monthly  Project is a quick table topper.  These should be good projects to work on during my busy first couple of weeks.

All the blocks for all the QALs - but some of them are wrapping up:

RSC14 , Marcus Brothers, Country Corners, Charming Stars

Speaking of wrapping up, you will start to see some of those buttons on the side bar disappear and new ones pop up.  As the year winds down, so do some of those activities - and I am trying to catch the new QALs and SALs for the next season as well as I am starting to see some 2015 announcements coming out.

I am participating in the 'Black Cat Crossing Hop' - my day is Oct 23.

AND - this is my blog anniversary month - so there will be a give away coming up.

I hope the Fall season of October inspires you,
Sewingly Yours,


Teresa in Music City said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!!! But if I know you, there will be a few other things you just manage to get done as well - even with your family obligations :)

Needled Mom said...

I hope that your mom will do well with her surgery. I know you will be busy, but I hope you find the time to accomplish your goals.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Looks like you have a good plan. I have EQ but boy it has a large learning curve. Good for you because it looks amazing. Not that I use it! Lol. Hmm, tabs I was going to do that too....
Thanks for posting all the fun activities going on in blog land. Wishing your Mom a successful and quick recovery from her surgery.

Barbara said...

Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish.

Dasha said...

Wow! All of that, and you say you are busy the next couple of weeks!! What on earth do you achieve when you have time on your hands? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,you sure are going to be very busy my friend oh the black cat crossing hop sounds interesting,hope you had a lovely day my friend.xx

QuiltSue said...

Sharon I am thrilled that you're making something from my book, thank you. I can't wait to see it.

Dana Gaffney said...

It does look like you're going to keep yourself busy and out of trouble. I love the thought of the Black Cat hop, I guess I know who will be the star for that one. Good luck to your mom and mostly to you :)

Val's Quilting Studio said...

Oh what fun you have planned this month. I'll look forward to watching your progress. Speedy recovery for you mom...glad she has you by her side:)

Sheila said...

How your mom recovers quickly, dear.
I enjoy watching your projects develop in posts.
I often look at the side of your blog for buttons announcing future quilt along projects, row along projects, sampler BOM's, mystery quilts, etc. I've made several quilts by way of those links on your blog. Thank you, Sharon.

Sarah Craig said...

Sounds like you've got a busy month ahead of you - something about fall makes you want to sew, doesn't it? Best wishes to your mom for her surgery and rapid recovery!! Remember to take care of yourself, too!

Kate said...

Good luck with your goals for the month. Hopefully your schedule will be more forgiving than you anticipate.