Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Feline Friday - 10/30/14

OK - I know you are totally confused, but then so am I.  I am usually missing a day or two some weeks, but this week I have been a day ahead.  Do you get that way?  I so totally missed that Oct 29th (yesterday) was National Cat Day.  My furries told me not to worry as they are special every day.  **My NewFO post goes up Friday - so Feline Friday is a day early**

We have had a number of days of rain which has made for some kitty 'in your face' time requiring some harsh NOs from MOM.  So they sulk.

I had to sneak up and photo this from above to catch Mr. Sulk hiding behind the sewing machine on the side table - thinking out of sight, out of mind.

Bella, on the other hand, can hold a grudge.  She has been chased off this quilt so many times!!!

And why - she is the fastest 'un-pin-baster' in the world - caught at it AGAIN!!

And because I am ahead (or behind), here is the last three days of the Black Cat Crossing Hop schedule:

Wednesday, October 29
A Stitch in Time     

Thursday, October 30

Friday, October 31
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Sewingly Yours,


Dasha said...

Excuse me Sharon, but today is actually Thursday. Even on this side of the world. LOL. The 29th was a Wednesday.

sewyouquilt2 said...

love your machine cover. and your little helper aka Bella is a hoot taking out your pins. said...

Love your pic of the sulker. Your machine cover is lovely too. We used to have a cat that would take pins out too. Especially pincushions and carry them all around the house

KimM said...

You are too funny - glad to know someone else gets confused on what day it is. ;0)

Barbara said...

No? You said no?

KatieQ said...

Bella is amazing. I can't believe she doesn't get stuck with any of the pins.

Denise :) said...

Haha!! I love that she unpins your pinning!!! Happy...Thursday/Friday! :)

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow - you are ONE BRAVE WOMAN Sharon!!! I always hold my breath when I have to be firm with Gypsy - she fights underhanded! As she gets older, she begs for treats all day long, so I have had to say No more often. She is clearly not very happy with me lately LOL!!!!

Rebecca in AK said...

Loved the photos of your kitties. I have to put my pin cushions up or my dog gets them and pulls out all the pins!

Sarah said...

Cats are so funny the way they react to getting in trouble. Midgie and Squeaky could really care less. Zorro either runs for the door to ask to go out (I am beginning to think he is naughty so I am more likely to let him out) or he runs to me and starts being cute so I won't be mad at him. Thankfully there are no grudges or sulking in this house...well, from the cats at least.

Kate said...

You have one that can un-pin the basting? That's an amazing, though I'm sure very annoying skill.