Monday, September 29, 2014

September NewFO & Finishes

2014 NewFO Challenge

Although I don't have trouble starting anything new (sure most of you can relate to that), it is always nice when some one encourages you to do just that - no worries, no stress, no need to finish.  Thank you Barbara @ CatPatches for being the ringleader in all things NEW.

My official NewFO was my project for the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap Group.  The monthly theme (and you and your partner can agree to the theme or chose something else) was 'Back to School'.  It just so happened I had an old FQ bundle on my shelf that was called 'Back to School' by Melissa Babcock Saylor for Quilting Treasures.  I have a tutorial for this block/pattern HERE.

And since my partner was in Australia, she loved the American buses and school items.  Yup, a little dolly dressed for school went along with it.

Never too hot to Stitch!

I will admit that I totally did not get to this.  My 'Old' was to re-load my EQ on this not-so-new computer and really start to use it - not done.  My 'New' was to put my tutorials on a tab - not done.  I did start browsing old posts and making notes, but nothing got pass that point.

In defense, I had a month of 'nursing' my Mom after surgery, participating in a County wide 'airing of the quilts' , and a new grandbaby arrived.  And.....

Bella freaking out because there was just something new and different and not so pleasant.  Yes, she has a curly tail which curls even tighter when she is scared.

I've had nightmares that my upstairs bathroom was going to end up downstairs, especially that old heavy tub.  Well a leak and a falling ceiling and I was freaking out right along with Bella.  I am assured the bathroom (and tub) is going to stay in place - just a leaky seal on the tubs drain.  But they can't come back to do that 10 minute repair for another week!


I have so enjoyed seeing what others have used as a resource and their projects of choice. I don't have a lot of books - well compared to my Mom's 40 yr collection - but I am amazed that I let them sit without playing with them.

I'm very pleased with my wallhanging adapted from table runner pattern and you can see more about it HERE.

Tea Wallets using this TUTORIAL were my monthly Make it Handmade Christmas Challenge project.  We have a few tea drinkers in the family and they like to carry their own tea bags for dining out - quick, fun, and can be personalized.

I loved playing with the camping Riley Blake Panel and ginghams for the 'Back in September' Hop.

Testing a pattern for Bea Lee @ BeaQuilter - now available in her Craftsy Store.

Fun just playing with some spool blocks that were suppose to be for another project that I lost interest in - Buttons & Bows.

And then playing with blocks:


Country Corners

Marcus Brothers QAL

Charming Star QAL

Quilt Doodle Row Quilt

Temecula Quilt Co. 'Little Alphabet' QAL

And I have been enjoying one, two, or even three little walks each day as our weather has been just delightful.  The Fall flowers and the trees starting to color make for great inspiration.

Hope you've had a grand September,
Sewingly Yours,


  1. Looks like a busy September. Lots of projects going on - BOM & SAL's galore. Sorry about the tub troubles.

  2. I'm always amazed by how much you get achieved Sharon. All of your blocks and quilts are lovely. Poor Bella. I hope she has recovered from her wet ordeal!

  3. Fingers crossed that this next week passes quickly AND without further drips from above.
    Fantastic lot of projects on the go & finished! Well done Sharon! :)

  4. Never mind asking you when you sleep, I'm wondering when you ever find time to even breathe?

  5. wow! And I thought I was full of quilting energy, lol.

  6. You have been so busy - makes me feel guilty(another word for lazy). I really like the ginham quilt and the wall hanging.

  7. Ditto to all the above comments. You always have so many things to show at the end of each matter what else is going on. I really like that pumpkin cute!

  8. I love your monthly summary posts. So many beautiful projects! Such a sweet doll and quilt. Love the Colorful Tree!
    Hope your mom is improving. Sorry about the upstairs bathroom. LOVE the picture of Bella!!! She should have her own cartoon strip. Or at least a CALENDAR.

  9. Hi Sharon you make the cutest doll quilts and matching dolls,love seeing them and boy you sure have been busy and i am glad that your bath is not going to fall through the roof,lol.xx

  10. It sounds like it was an incredibly busy month for you and yet you accomplished so much! I love the school doll and the mini. Nice finishes this month, Sharon.

  11. Oh gosh, Bella's curly tail is just darling!! And Sharon, I love your pumpkin wall hanging!! I'm a sucker for purple and orange and your piece is perfect!!!! :)

  12. My goodness that's a lot! I'm IN LOVE with the wall hanging!!

    I hope you get that leak and ceiling fixed asap!!

  13. You always make such cute stuff.

  14. Oh my gosh Sharon! I wish I had gotten even half that much done!!! Love all your little projects - that quilt for Bea Lee looks beautiful :) And the little dolly is always a winner with me - this one is particularly cute ♥

    I know how you feel Sharon - We've got a leaky roof at our rental house in NC - hoping it doesn't fall in before we can get it fixed too!

  15. You certainly got a lot done this month, especially with all the other things going on! I hope your Mom has recovered and that you have had time to be with your new little granddaughter! Poor Bella must have thought the sky was falling! Hope that problem was fixed.

  16. OK, I just have to ask. You do not need much sleep do you? I bet you get 5 hours and then sew up a storm in the wee hours of the morning?
    How is that adorable new grandbaby doing?

  17. You have been a very busy lady, Sharon. I should really pull my finger out and if I just do a fraction of what you have achieved, I would be very happy indeed.

  18. So much going on at your place. Glad you are enjoying your walks and glad your tub won't fall through. Hope they make the repair in short order!

  19. My oh my, Sharon, you have been busy. You accomplished more than I would have with helping family members and all. Walking is good for us quilters!

  20. Loving those fall blocks - especially your orange strippy string block! So pretty!

  21. PS: Your little letters are adorable too! (Aren't they fun to make!!)

  22. Lots and lots done in September. Hope the repairs are done quickly.

  23. Wow, you have been busy! I like your pumpkins wall hanging!
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  24. It looks like September was a good month for you even with your nursing duties. Well done.

  25. September was a very productive month for you. I love your orange scrappy blocks, they are just so bright.

  26. Very nice Pumpkin wall hanging. And the camping quilt is cute. Sometimes it is fun to just play with blocks. Good luck on your repairs.