Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Free Choice

Val's Quilting Studio

This week Val is offering us a chance to really browse our archives and pick our own.  Since I have a lot of new followers (and I haven't gotten my tutorials on to a tab yet), I thought I would offer up the link to my tutorial for my dolly that I make to go with my doll quilts.

Your can find the original post HERE.

Join in the fun, browse other's link-ups, and say HI to Val.

Sewingly Yours,


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Morning Sharon. Checking in before I head to the land of second graders for the day! I checked out your doll pattern and am inspired to make a doll size quilt and love your idea of making a matching doll. SO cute! Your tutorial makes it easy! THANKS!!

Jo said...

Very cute to have a matching doll and quilt..

Teresa in Music City said...

You are sharing the iconic doll??? You are so generous Sharon! I may have to try one of these one day - I'm definitely pinning the tute so I can come back to it :)

Joanna said...

The doll and blanket always look so nice together when you share them. Thanks for the link on the how to.

Gmama Jane said...

Perfect!! I ws going to ask you how to make that cute little dolly! I LOVE mine!! Thanks so much Sharon. Plus, I love your projects as always!! You do such nice work!
Gmama Jane

Gmama Jane said...

PS I forgot to invite everyone to join up over at Doll Quilt Swap!! It's SEW easy and SEW much fun to swap each month with a different partner. We have a suggested theme each month but you can change it if you and your partner agree. I OWN a gorgeous doll quilt AND matching Doll and I adore it!! We could use some new swappers to make it more interesting.
Gmama Jane

Cheryll said...

Thanks for sharing :)