Monday, September 22, 2014

Tuesday Archives - Ghastlies & Ghosts

Val's Quilting Studio

I know you bloggers have something to share with this week's Archive over at Val's Quilting Studio.  I know I have seen them in the past.

I don't have any ghosties, but I just LOVE the Ghastlies!

One of my projects from THIS POST in 2011

A project with tutorial from THIS POST in 2012

And a project from this bundle on THIS POST in 2013

YES - there is a new project in the works using Ghastlies for the 'Black Cat Crossing' Hop coming up in Oct 2014!

So please post up and/or go visit Val - Halloween is just around the corner.

Sewiingly Yours,


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh Sharon you are soooo ghastlie! I am looking forward to 2014 rendition!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

I was just thinking that too...three years of Ghastlies in a row...what is in store for this year!?!?

Sheila said...

I always enjoy watching you play with ghastlies fabric.
(Yes. Play catch up reading blog entries. I'm away from my computer a few day and I miss a lot."

Nancy said...

Nice projects. And now I know what ghastlies are!

Kate said...

The Ghastlies are such fun! Looking forward to seeing what you've got going for this year.

Belinda said...

You make the ghastlies look plum purty!