Tuesday, December 25, 2012


First, I want to share what I received from my Santa Sack Swap Partner, Debbie at Tis' The Season to be Quilting.  A real fruit cake to go with the Fruit Cake fabrics, a layer cake of American Jane (which I love), a very unique necklace made with a lace/ribbon/beads, kitchen towel set (which I really needed), extra sashes for that pretty bag so it  can be used seasonal, pins and pin cushion, needle keep, template for flower making , clips, quilter sign for car, and some books.  Thank you Debbie!

You are going to want to keep this one on your calendar.  MrsPicklesGarden Quilting Secrets Blog Hop.  Lots of information and tips from these lovely ladies:

Christine from http://www.quiltmonstercloset.com December 31st
       Linda from http://buzzingandbumbling.blogspot.com/ January 1st

Barbara from http://catpatches.blogspot.com January 2nd

Melissa from http://blog.sewbittersweetdesigns.com/ January 3rd

Sharon from http://vroomansquilts.blogspot.ca/ January 4th

Sue from http://quilttimes.blogspot.com January 5th

Hayley from http://mrspicklesgarden.blogspot.com January 6th
She has been giving clues to those hidden secrets and sponsors who will be on each Blog for give aways - **NOTE** those give aways will be for ONLY a 24hr. period of that blogger's day.
What you have been waiting for - winners of the text and fruit FQs.
From the USA - Deb of A Simple Life Quilts
International - Lyndsey of Sew Many Yarns
Congratulations ladies, I will be sending them private e-mail for mailing information.  I hope to get them out tomorrow as starting late afternoon for the next 3 days we are to get buried in snow.  I plan to camp out on my couch with the furries as , yep, I got THE COLD for the season!
Sewingly Yours,
**and the Leap Year Box has not arrived yet**


  1. such lovely gifts Sharon,enjoy your day.xx

  2. Merry Christmas. Sorry your aren't feeling well. Take some fabric to snuggle while you pet the kitties. Stay warm.

  3. Way to go, Deb and Lyndsey--how fun! So sorry you got the 'grinchy' gift for Christmas...yuck! Stay tucked in and warm and enjoy that sweet package from your Santa Sack Swap partner!! Looking forward to the Quilting Secrets Blog Hop, too -- I hope to glean some *great* information! Hugs! :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your awful cold. I'm sure the fur babies will be good nurses and help you feel better.
    I am catching up on all of your posts today. Our internet is finally restored. We have been having off and on (mostly off) since hurricaine Sandy.

  5. Thanks again Sharon for a wonderful giveaway prize... snuggle up and feel better!

  6. Wow. You made out with that gifty box. Congrats to the winners. I'm finally getting over my 1st cold of the season. I hope you feel better soon. More snow coming tomorrow and I hope to be in my studio most of the day.

  7. What a great gift Sharon - and so fun to open up I bet. Hope your New Year is outstanding! blessings, marlene

  8. Hi Sharon....just saw your post and hope that you and the furries are snug and warm! So sorry that you have a cold - get well soon! Here's hoping that your 2013 (and mine, too, for that matter!) is a great year!