Wednesday, December 19, 2012

FMQ Challange - December

Since December's challange with Patsy Thompson was borders and a lot of feathers, I decided to go with one of the bonus challenges to complete my 12 months.  One I don't do quilts with borders, and if I do, it usually is just a single. 

I chose the May bonus with Lina Moran, which was finding a pattern with marblized fabric.  Well,,, couldn't find any of that so I pulled this scrolling leaf to use with this project.

I worked a pink , purple, and blue thread, trying to maintain a pattern thru the scrolling leaves and vines. 

When I went to the green, I lost some of the momentum and flow.  Also, I used a different brand of thread which did not stitch as nicely. I would really like to get some of the marblized fabric to try this with (know I have some of it).

Linky with SewCalGal 


  1. love this fabric Sharon the colour is gorgeous.xx

  2. Great fabric choice and your quilting compliments it! Well done!

  3. Congratulations on finishing all twelve months of this challenge. I gave up on it because I just couldn't keep up. Good luck on winning a prize.

  4. I have enjoyed watching you work through this quilting challenge. It's something I want to try eventually. I think you need a long arm : )

  5. I'm looking at the bonus ones now too, this one looks very interesting, I'll be checking it out. You did a good job and I love that fabric.

  6. I have definitely noted a difference in thread types in FMQ ... and also some threads work better in some styles than others ... it's crazy! (Kind of like my FMQ is crazy...LOL!) Nicely done, Sharon! :)