Saturday, March 18, 2023

Is It Spring Yet?

Yes, we got SNOW!  We got a little over a foot in the Valley, but other areas around us got over 2feet.  I have been stitching - some by hand when the power was out - and some by machine.  Some that is not showable yet, and some that I can share.  

I had a gifted grocery bag full of CW scraps from another quilter who has changed her style of quilting.  Lots of lovely scraps in strips, pre-cuts in squares of all sizes, fat eighths, fat quarters, and chunks.  Using them for CAROL's  Jelly Roll project.  Hey, it doesn't have to be all JR's as it all works and it is getting used up.

And I am ready for the next HOP - Oh, I can't wait for some green!


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Barbara said...

I’m glad the snow didn’t hit you too hard. We’re dried out here…or maybe I should just say the snow is almost all gone. Now it’s just rain. Just now selected fabrics for a new baby quilt. I had everything I needed in my stash, so now I’m pumped to get started on it!

Susan said...

Also a great scrap pattern and love those fabrics. I'm never giving my late 19th century repros away. =)

Janice said...

Now THAT'S a scrappy quilt! Love it! And green with envy over your CW scraps. :) (see what I did there?)